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Missing Malaysia Airplane – What We Now Know

The Malaysia Flight MH370 and its disappearance is getting stranger every day – how does a huge Boeing 777 just disappear without a trace? Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 took off at 12:41 am from Kuala Lumpur on the morning of March 8, but lost contact with air traffic control an hour later and disappeared from radar. When it disappeared from …

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Malaysia Airlines Attempts At Comfort Fall Short

The days spent waiting for word on the fates of their friends and families aboard the presumed crashed Flight MH370 have begun to take their toll. Some family members of missing passengers have banded together to demand the truth from Malaysia Airlines. They believe that the airline is keeping secrets regarding what went wrong for the vanished Boeing 777. The …

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Malaysia Airlines: Philip Wood Confirmed As Passenger

Early Friday night (March 7th), news broke around the world of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 as it disappeared from various radar scanners. MH370 had lost contact one hour after its takeoff from Kuala Lumpur enroute to Beijing. After the word spread about MH370 losing contact from radar and communications, Vietnamese air force planes were dispatched and found various oil sightings …

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Do Stolen Passports Point To Terrorism On Malaysia Flight 370?

Uncertainly abounds over the fate of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, that disappeared from radar suddenly on Saturday night, and passengers using stolen passports raises some serious questions about possible terrorism. Two passengers listed on the flight reported their passports stolen. Could those stolen passports indicate a terrorist act? Italian Luigi Maraldi and Austrian Christian Kozel have confirmed that they …

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Malaysia Airlines Plane: The Mystery Continues

The mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 remains unexplained, even though multinational search teams are in the Asian waters, where it is thought to have gone down, and in the air, searching relentlessly. One consideration of the disappearance is foul play, as suspicions were raised by officials discovering that two passengers were traveling on fake passports. Interpol said in …

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