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CryEngine 3.4.0 Now Available, DX11 Features Expanded CryEngine 3.4.0 Now Available, DX11 Features Expanded

Regardless of what you think of CryTek’s games, you have to admit that their engine, CryEngine 3, makes games look really pretty. While Epic just recently updated their Unreal Engine 3, CryTek has seen fit to fire back with the …

DirectX 10: Forcing Gamers Into Vista Upgrades?

Many users who have grown accustomed to the functionality of Windows XP have been reluctant to take the plunge and upgrade their operating systems to Vista. Users who are heavily involved in gaming, however, are beginning to find that the choice in operating system has already been made for them.

AOL Ties Up Wireless Deal

Another acquisition by AOL, this time of phone-personalization software company Wildseed, will help it get onto more mobile phones.