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Open Directory Toasted Without Backups

The Open Directory Project has operated under various names, but its latest incarnation managed at AOL has earned a new name: FUBAR.

Yahoo! Directory Registration

SEO Question: Is a Yahoo! Directory registration worth it? How do I know what directories are worthwhile? What directories should I submit to? Do you have any good site submission tips?

Microsoft Closes bCentral Directory

Could it be? Have we just lost one of the three valuable directories (Yahoo, DMOZ and bCentral) – recommended by many when launching a new site?

MSN’s Small Biz Directory Closed?

It seems that Microsoft Small Business Directory has been closed. Matt McGee reports that when you go to the Add your site page and click on the required link it takes to another page which says:

Yahoo, Verizon Lead Local Directory Searches
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A recent comScore analysis revealed that not only are significantly greater numbers of Internet users turning to the Web to find local information, but two sites, Yahoo and Verizon, dominate the scene.

Yahoo Paid Directory Should You Buy In?
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One of the original search engine companies on the web, YAHOO! has offered its paid directory submission service almost as long as its site’s creation way back in 1994 (that’s considered old in Internet years).

How to Create a Local IIS Web Site
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This article is an excerpt from the book: Murach’s ASP.NET 2.0 Web Programming with C# 2005.

Centrify Boosts Unix Access To Active Directory

The company announced at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo that its DirectControl Suite now supports a number of UNIX and Linux platforms.

Create Directory or Group w/ Google Maps

Recall I recently made reference to a very cool mashup found at alertdude – this was in reference to a mashup tracking sexual predators.

Scoble Endorses New Podcasting Directory

I’m on vacation, the garage is almost clean, so time for some fun stuff. Oh, I am endorsing the reformed Podcasting Directory (Dave Winer has the details).

Community Podcast directory?

Dave Winer linked over to a Canadian podcast directory. That’s very cool.

Google: You Can Say No To ODP

Some website owners would prefer the snippet accompanying their organic listing in Google search to not come from the Open Directory Project.

Blog Address: Directory or Domain?
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Recently I fielded an emailed question from a reader as to which is better home for a blog: as part of the company web site (www.company.com/blog/) or as a separate domain (www.companyblog.com)?

Crappy Open Directory Listing? MSN to the Rescue

Now this is a cool announcement. MSN is giving webmasters a way to opt-out of having their Open Directory listing displayed in the search results.

Microsoft RSS Feeds Directory
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Microsoft has introduced the Microsoft Feeds Directory, a central location where you can find and subscribe to every RSS feed offered by the company across its multiple websites and blogs.

Google Health Actually Google Co-op

So Google Health was a slight-of-hand, what we really got today was Google Co-op (beta, of course). From Google’s press release…

Skype Releases New Beta And Skypecasts

Version 2.5 Beta of the Skype VoIP software arrived with new features, and Skype also launched a preview version of Skypecasts that allows up to 100 people to connect in a voice chat.

New Search Directory Umdum

I’ve got to fly to another Pubcon session, but wanted to quickly post on Loren Baker’s (Search Engine Journal) new web directory project, Umdum.com.

Google Personalized Homepage Drops Sidebar

Google recently changed the way content gets added to its personalized homepage, making the “Add content” link bring you to the widget/module directory.

What You Must Know About A Drop Shipping Directory And its Company…

When I originally wrote this article a few years ago, it was titled “Eleven Things You Must Know About A Drop Shipping Directory And It’s Company”, and the drop shipping market was different than it is today.

Green Bacon’s and Spam is Bad for PR

While I was at the WOMMA conference I had the pleasure of meeting the delightful Tara Kirchner.