Fingers Do The Walking To Directories Online

Fingers Do The Walking To Directories Online

By WebProNews Staff June 5, 2008 | 7 Comments

The yellow pages businesses enjoyed decades of dominance as the caretakers of local information for millions of consumers.

Google (Finally) Responds to Directory Question

The recent slap a handful of directories experienced was unaccompanied by an explanation from Google, though the general consensus (maybe) was that Google’s webspam team was sending a message. Weeks later, WebProNews has wrangled a response from Google’s Webmaster Central team – sort of.

Yahoo Closing Podcasting Directory
Recently, Yahoo! announced that it is closing its Podcasts Directory service. The service will case to operate from October 31st.

The site never came out of Beta before this sudden plan to end the service. The reason for ending this service is not yet very clear. There is simply a message on the site that reads “Yahoo! apologizes deeply, but we will be closing down the Podcasts site on Oct. 31, 2007.”

No DMOZ In Google SERP!
Barry Schwartz reports that The Open Directory’s Home Page Goes Missing In Google.

Finking On Paid Linking?

It’s been a couple of weeks since it became apparent that Google was penalizing link directories – at least a few of them – knocking them out of the SERPs even for their own business names. There’s still no official word from Google on this, but there is plenty speculation that it wasn’t algorithmic.

Biz-Dir Talks About Google De-Indexing
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WebProNews reporter Jason Miller spoke on the phone with Biz-Dir.co.uk owner David Eaves about his contention that Google de-indexed a large portion of his directory. He suggests that Google may have done this manually rather than algorithmically.

Read more on this in our article titled: "Is Google Hitting Directory Links?".

» Click here to listen to the audio of this interview, or read the transcript below. Visit Biz-Dir.co.uk here

Is Google Hitting Directory Links?

Algorithmic flux or selective penalization? Nobody’s sure and nobody that can answer is talking so far, but paid link directories have been plummeting in Google search results. Many are not ranking for their own business name, according to reports, even though webmasters have not received penalty notices.

Yahoo! Ignoring The No Yahoo Directory Tag?

Based on threads in both Webmaster World and Digital Point Yahoo! Might have ceased using the No Yahoo Directory Tag.

Reports range from

Corrupt DMOZ Editor?

Jeremy Shoemaker reports that he was blackmailed into paying for staying in the DMOZ.org open directory (which is usually free to be in):

Fred Thompson’s Webmaster Doesn’t Know Dmoz
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The potential Presidential candidate’s campaign doesn’t know why a Google listing for his official website has a description they didn’t write. We know what happened.

Domainers Get A Legal Lesson

If you’re going to play the domain game, there are some things you need to know. Legal things. Important legal things.

PayPal Launches New Partner Program
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PayPal is introducing a new partner program. The program will offer special benefits to e-commerce and financial service providers that incorporate PayPal’s Express Checkout to their merchant customers.

Thoughts on WordPress Official Plugins Directory

When I first read last week that Wordpress had launched an official plugins directory I was excited. There are lots of good plugins out there that are not in any sort of searchable database other than a search engine. However, the Wordpress plugin directory isn’t living up to my excitations yet.

Reviewing Today’s SEO and Search Headlines

In my review of today’s SEO and search engine headlines I came across a few posts of interest that I would like to share with you:

Measuring Directory Link Value

Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal has written a post on measuring the value of directory links.

Extending Google Office w/ Plug-in API

Wouldn’t it be neat if Google offered developers a way to write scripts to extend the functionality of Google Writely, Google Spreadsheets, Gmail and so on?

How Sites Are Ranked in Yahoo! Directory

A WebmasterWorld thread inquires how the sites are ranked within the Yahoo! Directory. Search Engine Roundtable  explains in a post that the sites are ranked in Yahoo! Directory on the basis of popularity.

Search Engine Roundtable says: