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Improving the ROI of Web Directory Submissions

Submitting your web site to web directories is a great way to build high-quality inbound links, increase your PageRank, and improve your SERPS.

7 Powerful Ways to Get One-Way Inbound Links
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It’s no secret that having links pointing to your website is very good for search engine rankings, and gives more ways for human visitors to find your website. So, how do you get one-way inbound links to your website? Well, there are numerous ways, and I am going to focus on seven of the most effective techniques.

Effectiveness of Web Hosting Directories (WHDs)

John is very happy today, for the first time in his life he has created his very own website. Now he is looking for a web host so that he can put his identity on the net. Casually he asks his friend Mac about it.

How To Properly Submit Your Website To Directories
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Having a top placement on a search engine and enjoying the traffic that comes with a top ranking is dependent on many things.

Did Google Bomb New Directories Online? Looks That Way!

A few weeks have gone by now and the results from Google’s new update are in. As we take a closer look we see a pattern emerging. It seems as though, older more established directories are being rewarded once again. Many newer directories / Resource Links seem to rank much lower. As we take a closer look at this, we start to notice some rhyme and reason behind all the chaos.

Hunting For Online Directories – The In Depth Strategy

Directory marketing can help boost your companies performance a great deal. Not only will you get qualified leads for your business, your web site will also increase it’s traffic ranking a tremendous amount.

PageRank: a True Commodity
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What is PageRank Worth?

Whatever people are willing to pay for it. Nothing more, nothing less…

AdMission Directories To Be Released Tomorrow

At NEXPO 2004 IPIX gave a first look at their AdMission Directory product, saying that it would be commercially available in mid-July. That time has come and IPIX AdMission is set to unveil a tool that will allow businesses to design and deploy ads for online yellow pages and directories. The launch date is July 20, 2004.

Top 5 methods to promote your website

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring website promotion. Every website is selling something, be it a product or a service, or maybe simply trust or a brand. This means you need visitors; the more targeted, the better. Simply creating a great site isn’t enough, although it’s an excellent first step. You need to be out there actively promoting it if you truly want to achieve revenue through your site.

Submit to Search Engines

During the early years of the World Wide Web it was paramount to submit to search engines. As technologies used on the World Wide Web improved traditional views become old and useless. You can use search engines to your advantage once you understand how they operate. Search engine technologies include directories, hybrid-directories and search engines.

Are Drop Ship Directories Really Worth The Money? Here Is A Guide…

This question is often asked by many people hoping to start a new ecommerce site or simply adding to an existing one. The answer to the question can be simply answered with another question: How much is your time and online business worth to you? The more experienced ecommerce site owners will often ask the question a little differently: How do I find a useful, and legitimate, drop ship directory? The answer to this question is not immediately straight forward without doing a little homework. However, when you find a great directory, it can be worth the price of admission a thousand of times over. So, in this article we are going to present a couple of important pieces of information that can help you answer some of these questions and guide you through the forest.

Interview of Bruce Stone of Wow Directory

Hello Bruce,

Thanks for taking the time to let me ask you a few questions. Lets get into the questions…

Marketing Your eZine

The internet marketing “Guru’s” have been saying for years that the “money is in the list”. In other words, having thousand’s of subscribers to your ezine or newsletter increases your chances of potential sales. It is pretty hard to dispute that quote but how do you go about getting those thousand’s of subscribers to sign up for your ezine?

The Past, Present, and Future of Online Directories

Building Blocks of WWW Navigation

Years ago, inclusion in the top online directories was a necessity for anyone interested in receiving traffic to their new website. Yahoo, About, Looksmart, and The Open Directory dominated the market by providing the web’s most reliable mines of resources. These human edited, hand selected directories of categorized websites seemed as if they would ever be the easiest way to sort and find online information.

Website Submission: Just the Facts
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Search Engine Traffic Breakdown

Over 90% of US search engine traffic is driven by Yahoo! or Google owned search technology – source: Search Engine Watch. Additionally Ask Jeeves owns around 5% of the traffic. You may hear the names of many other search engines, but most of them are powered by the above search engines in one way or another. For example, Yahoo! owns Inktomi, AltaVista, and AllTheWeb. All three of those search engines are powered from the same database as Yahoo! Search. A few meta search engines also drive a decent amount of traffic.

How to Create One Way Non-Reciprocal Links

Your site should have more incoming links than outgoing links and Incoming links are more valuable than outgoing links or reciprocal link trading.

Proper Directory Submissions
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Part of the overall process of submitting one’s website to the search engines is getting your site listed in the top directories. Directories are different from standard search engines in that a search engine will query a database of indexed websites before it produces results and a directory is a database of websites that have been arranged by subject. Directories do indeed have search functions but the websites are still listed in specific categories of which one may search by drilling through the various subjects the directory offers.

Free Subscribers from Ezine Directories

Registering at numerous ezine directories, or other Web sites that list newsletters, is a simple way to recruit subscribers. Maintained for the benefit of visitors, these listings provide increased exposure to publishers who add their ezine to the database.

Promote Your Website – Part II Search Tools

Many companies after spending a substantial amount of money on the development of their websites assume that once the website is published on the Internet, people will flock onto it and, therefore, do not take website promotion as seriously as the development part of it. Today, with millions of websites around, no matter how great your website is, if you don’t promote it effectively, you will not get the visibility that your site deserves.

Paying for Inclusion in Directories and Search Engines

It seems that everywhere we turn these days, we are constantly hearing the phrases pay-per-inclusion (PPI) and pay-per-click (PPC). There are now a number of ways that the search engines and directories are collecting funds from people trying to get their Web sites listed. The most important thing to note when discussing this topic is that money spent on PPI programs goes solely towards getting your site into the search databases, and that’s it. You can pay them all you want, but PPI is not going to give you a higher ranking. Remember this before you fork over your hard-earned money.

The Non-Definitive List of E-zine Directories

This article is written for anybody who reads, publishes or plans to publish and e-zine or newsletter.