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Is Google Hitting Directory Links?
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Algorithmic flux or selective penalization? Nobody’s sure and nobody that can answer is talking so far, but paid link directories have been plummeting in Google search results. Many are not ranking for their own business name, according to reports, even though webmasters have not received penalty notices.

The Link-Building Battle: Directories Vs. Link Bait
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Directories are under fire, and a debate has ensued concerning just how badly they’ve been hit.  Yet despite an onslaught from social media sites and link bait, everyone seems to agree that directories still have some life in them.

Wanting What I Can’t have

I recently got feedback from an SEO Book buyer who stated that their site was not accepted by some directories I recommend. If someone does not accept your site realize that due to their editorial stringency a link from that location is probably worth more than a link from the sites that did accept your site.

The Week in SEO

I come across a lot of good articles each week that I never get to mention, so I thought I’d join some of the other bloggers in the seo community and offer a few links. I’ve hesitated to do this in the past, because I imagine you’ll already have seen some of these, but I decided to give it a shot and see how it goes.

Yahoo! Directory Registration

SEO Question: Is a Yahoo! Directory registration worth it? How do I know what directories are worthwhile? What directories should I submit to? Do you have any good site submission tips?

Tips on Promoting Podcasts

Podcasting is a great new medium, but creating a podcast is only half of the work. Promoting a podcast is equally critical to its success.

Common Sense While Promoting Your Website

In previous articles, I have discussed various places you can submit your website such as Search Engines, FFA pages, Classifieds, and Safe list, and what to expect in return.

An Inside Look at Directories

Shimon Sandler has an interesting chat with BOTW‘s Greg Hartnett.

How To Manage Directory Submissions

‘More than 80% of the traffic comes from the top ten search engines’.

A Business Directory Just Isn’t Enough Anymore!

Do you own a business directory? Are you having a tough time beating your competition? This article will help you towards leaving your competition far behind.

Is Google Gunning For Directories?

Why is it that webmasters are so quick to blame Google if their website falls down the search rankings, or out of the rankings altogether? Can it never be their own fault…

Surviving The Search Wars – Local Directories
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Innovation in the competitive search engine and directory markets: how the internet is the perfect medium for David to take on Goliath. The pursuit of online information has become an increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace during the past three years.

Pseudo Directories – Do They Really Increase Page Ranking And Keep You Organized

In This Article you will learn about Pseudo Directories, a simple tool that will not only keep you organized but when used properly can actually increase your ranking points because you will have file names that are extremely optimized for the Page Ranking Bots.

Strategies For Submitting Your Website To Web Directories

Webmasters like you and me are always on the lookout to enhance the link popularity of their sites.

DMOZ Integrity Questioned By Editor

The Open Directory Project better known as DMOZ has long been a mainstay of the internet directory world.

Blog directories:Two more available

Blog directories are a great way to add incoming links to your blog.

Internet Directories See PageRank Removed

Internet directories function in a way similar to a university’s student directory or a telephone directory: it gives site owners a service that can bring exposure to their web site.

Visitor Traffic: Ideas For Gaining More Blog Readers
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There are few things that create more initial excitement, than the launch of your brand new blog. You have built the best blog you possibly can, and you’re waiting for the visitor traffic to start pouring right in.

Stairway to Voyeur Heaven

I’m on about 10K dialup up right now, having had no broadband for the last 24 hours. I had planned to write up a great Google article for today, but my internet situation, plus spending Saturday relearning my CSS “skills” so I could make a few changes to the site, and continually refreshing the page as I watched my son’s new CD…

Googles New My Search History
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Google has just added the biggest risk to your searching privacy to date-the new My Search History feature. It’s a cool thing …

Wikis Pose a Threat to Costly Media Directories

One tool that PR professionals rely on daily is the trusty media directory. The leading company in this space …