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SourceLink Introduces Powerful New Social Media Tool

Do you want to reach more customers with your advertising, spend less money, provide richer information, and have consumers do all the work? If it sounds to good to be true, it isn’t. SourceLink has just released TAG, a direct mail to social media advertising tool and it promises all that and more. By encouraging consumers to share product offers …

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Microsoft Backs New Postal Technology

Depending on how much you trust the current government that likes to tap phones and secretly search your houses, an electronic form of paper mail that you can receive anywhere, anytime might be a good thing. At least you won’t to worry about anthrax.

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Snail Mail vs. Email Study Yields Mixed Results

There are a number of questions not readily answerable about this survey, but some of the results make intuitive sense to me at least. The survey was conducted by International Communications Research (ICR) and concludes that customers overwhelmingly prefer promotional messages via snail mail (but that doesn’t mean they are persuaded by them).

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