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Dina Lohan Gets a Scolding From Judge in DUI Case

Lindsay Lohan’s mom received a scolding from a judge Tuesday before being sentenced for a 2013 drunk-driving charge. Judge Andrew Engel was quick to respond when Dina Lohan’s lawyer Mark Heller told the court that the arrest had been an “onerous ordeal” for Lindsay’s irresponsible mom. “The only person responsible for this onerous ordeal is Ms. Lohan herself,” said the …

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Dina Lohan Avoids Jail, Loses License

If you have ever wondered where Lindsay Lohan learned her crazy ways, look no further than her mother Dina. When Lindsay was a child star, Dina appeared to be a strict and caring mother. As Lindsay got older and the world saw more and more of her mother Dina, it was apparent that she was not the mother she had …

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