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Dilbert Receives A Mashup Makeover
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Lots of fun with Dilbert and Web 2.0 thanks to a site update gives visitors the ability to rearrange and rewrite the foibles of everyone’s favorite cubicle dweller.

Scott Adams Easing Back On Blogging

Dilbert’s creator has been a regular blogger, contributing frequently to his site to the delight of his fans, but there will be less delight coming from Adams in the future.

ESPN Punts Yahoo, Pings AdSonar Instead

The ESPN website will stop using Yahoo for its text ads, choosing instead to go with Quigo and its AdSonar product to deliver those advertisements instead.

Google Saved Dilbert

Scott Adams, creator of the popular Dilbert comic strip, found himself with a strange speaking problem that baffled doctors but not Google.

Even Dilbert Uses Contextual Ads

Scott Adams, the former bank employee turned cartoonist, runs his Dilbert Blog on Typepad and isn’t above getting a few bucks from ad clicks either.