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Verizon’s Web 2.0 Marketing Campaign

“My Home 2.0″ is a web 2.0 type of marketing campaign for Verizon to promote their FiOS service. It’s a combination TV/online reality show, kind of like Extreme Home Makeover but its not upgrading the décor as much as transforming the home and family to be technology savvy.

Rolling Stone Rocks Digital Edition

The latest print copy of Rolling Stone also appears in a free online version, the first time the magazine has created a full digital issue.

The Skype Phone

Skype, the internet phone service, is all about disruption.

Demise Of Xohm? Perhaps Not

The $5 billion price tag to create Sprint’s WiMAX service, Xohm, looked like a deal-killer when the former CEO was forced out. A spark of life exists.

Itty Bitty Arms Of Google, Clear Channel Partner

The thought of Clear Channel Communications, all by its gigantic self, is enough to trouble some people.  The thought of Clear Channel teaming up with Google is even more worrisome.  Luckily, although the two have now formed a partnership, it’s a weak sort of deal at worst.

Don’t Call It A Killer

It took me maybe a year of writing on the Internet to understand that any new online business created in a space where similar formats existed would be labeled "[current leader] + killer" and that that was probably, in my grandmother’s language, horse feathers.

Digital Democracy Director Slams Google’s Greed
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At the moment, Google’s stock is slightly above $600, and the company has a market cap of $187.42 billion.  Given this evidence, it would be hard to say that Google doesn’t like money.  But one onlooker has called the search giant greedy and wonders if it will “ruin the Internet.”

An Ad Platform, But Not As We Know It

If you are a professional marketeer feeling anxious about the ever-encroaching algo-driven power of Google’s search platform I’ve got some good news and some bad news.  Let’s start with the bad news. 

Radiohead Says Name Your Download Price

The real disruption in the music industry will be when more big name acts follow Radiohead’s route, by dropping the middleman and taking their songs to the fans.

Reactions to Amazon MP3 Store
Our news story and analysis "What The Amazon Store Is…And Is Not" got so many links and hits that we thought we’d take a look across the web to see what other’s thought of the opening of Amazon’s MP3 Download Store.

Yahoo Buys BuzzTracker

The big news from Yahoo today is they will announce the acquisition of news aggregator BuzzTracker. All Things Digital suggests the deal has been done and that Yahoo has paid $5 million, after passing on more expensive options such as Sphere.

Warner Bros. To Expand Digital Content

Studio 2.0, the original programming, digital branch of the Warner Bros. Television Group (WBTVG), has begun production on 23 new shortform series projects for broadband and wireless.

Yahoo! Ignoring The No Yahoo Directory Tag?

Based on threads in both Webmaster World and Digital Point Yahoo! Might have ceased using the No Yahoo Directory Tag.

Reports range from

SES – Successful Site Architecture

Fundamentals Track, Tuesday 4:45 – 6:00 PM

Google Earth Gains Live Traffic Info
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We’re still waiting to see this feature spread to more cities, but in the meantime, it’s spread to another program.  Now users of Google Earth can see the same real time traffic info that was once available only in Google Maps.

What are Tech Bloggers Good for?

Dare Obasanjo asks “what are those A-list technology bloggers good for?”

He’s absolutely right! (I’ve been saying that a lot today — I’m in a very agreeable mood).

Google Custom Search – All NoFollow
Google prevents indexing of Google Custom Search blog informs Rusty Brick. The code includes:

Google May Censor Korean Maps

Google has often had PR problems with its Maps and Earth services; the search giant has also had trouble gaining market share in South Korea.  Now a problem that involves both of these issues may be resolved, although the exact solution (assuming there is one) remains unknown.

Yahoo Publisher Network Experiences Problems

The Yahoo Publisher Network is having problems, and in an online world where things often resolve themselves in a matter of minutes, Yahoo has said, “We are actively addressing the issue and expect improvements by next week.”  Hey, Sunday morning’s only 80 or so hours away!

NBC Digital Adds New Features

NBC Digital Entertainment is launching its new tech and content features on NBC.com starting this summer and fall.

It’s Official: Page Views Don’t Count

The pageview is officially on its way out the door as a web site performance metric – Nielsen is dropping page view measurement in its Web traffic reporting. Instead, they will report the time visitors spend at sites.

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