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Over Half of TV Viewing is Now Digital

The UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) today released a report showing that over half of all TV broadcasts are now digital. More specifically, over 55% of households with a TV worldwide receive digital programming, rather than traditional analogue signals. The ITU interprets these findings to mean that the tipping point for digital broadcasting was reached as some point during 2012. …

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Microsoft Reveals Kinect 3D Desktop (Video)

Microsoft has pushed the boundaries between physical and digital worlds with their popular gaming interface Kinect. Now they plan to test this technology in the desktop PC market, with a Kinect-intigrated 3D desktop. Microsoft Research reveals at their recent TechForum a prototype 3D desktop that allows users to manipulate 3D digital objects in real space. The desktop features a fold …

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The Number of Gamers Is Increasing, Says

According to a study done by, people are really transforming into gamers. The website defines a gamer as an individual in a broadband househols who plays at least one hour per month. The report mentions that 135 million people play at least one hour per month. It seems that most new-comers are attracted to free-to-play games on social media …

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