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Americans Confused About DTV Switch

Close to half of over-the-air households reject post-transition pay TV and plan to receive free, over-the-air digital television by buying a converter box or digital TV set according to the Association of Public Television Stations study.

 About 43 percent of over-the-air households said they would purchase a converter box or a digital TV between now and when the transition takes place on February 17, 2009, compared to 12 percent who would sign up for a cable or satellite service.

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Coupons Available For Digital TV Switch

The government is now offering $40 coupons that people can use to apply towards the cost of a converter box that will allow analog TV to work when the switch to digital television takes place next year.

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Americans In The Dark About Digital TV Switch

A good number of U.S. TV watchers are not aware that analog signals will change to digital in 2009, according to Leichtman Research Group’s "HDTV 2007: Consumer Awareness, Interest and Ownership" report.

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