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Samsung Announces Galaxy Camera 2, Will Be At CES Next Week

In late 2012, Samsung tried to forcibly invent a new market for smart cameras with the Galaxy Camera. It combined the shooting power of Samsung’s camera lineup with the guts of its Galaxy S III smartphone. It was an interesting idea to say the least, and Samsung thought it performed well enough to deserve a successor. Samsung announced ahead of …

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Samsung Galaxy Camera Heads To Verizon

The Galaxy Camera is one of the more interesting Android devices to come out this year, but it’s been exclusive to AT&T since its launch on November 16. Now folks on Verizon are getting their own Galaxy Camera with an added bonus – 4G LTE. The Verge reports that a 4G LTE Galaxy Camera suddenly showed up on Samsung’s Web …

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Instagram Camera Is Decidedly Retro

Ah, Instagram, friend of would-be photographers everywhere. The super popular app for iPhone and Android has enabled people of all skill levels to take fancy photos with the touch of a button and a few applications of various filters. No wonder Facebook paid $1 billion for the glorified sepia filter. Instagram wasn’t enough for Facebook, however, as they have also …

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Apple Seeks Permission To Sue A Bankrupt Kodak

It’s bad form to kick a man while he’s down. It’s even worse form to sue a company while their filing for bankruptcy. Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is requesting approval to file a lawsuit against Kodak, the beleaguered camera company that filed for bankruptcy last month. Apple alleges that Kodak is infringing on their patents that cover printers, digital …

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Kodak To Stop Selling Cameras To Cut Costs

Kodak, who recently filed for bankruptcy, has announced they will stop making digital cameras to cut costs. Reuters is reporting that Kodak is also halting production of pocket video cameras and digital picture frames in the first half of 2012. Kodak announced that they were filing for bankruptcy last month after failing to adapt to modern technologies that it helped …

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