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Plaxo Launches Social Network Pulse

Plaxo launched today its social network, Pulse. Pulse pulls in what they call "people feed" or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to allow for conversation about the content with your family, friends or co-workers.

What are Tech Bloggers Good for?

Dare Obasanjo asks “what are those A-list technology bloggers good for?”

He’s absolutely right! (I’ve been saying that a lot today — I’m in a very agreeable mood).

Digg Ditches Google for Microsoft

Kevin Rose has announced Digg has decided to drop Google in favor of a 3-year exclusive deal with Microsoft.

Microsoft And Digg In Ad Deal

Digg has ditched Google as an ad provider and gone with Microsoft.
Digg and Microsoft have entered into an agreement in which they will work together to bring advertising to the Digg Web site.

Facebook Spawns New Industry, Digg Killer

This is the season for Facebook. It used to be that you couldn’t scan Web news without seeing a new Google report. Then it was MySpace, then Digg. Since Facebook opened up to the general public and to developers, it’s all anybody wants to talk about.

Google Reader Plus Facebook Application = Digg Killer?

Mario Romero has built something very interesting that’s getting more interesting all the time.

If I weren’t on Facebook and didn’t have his Google Reader application plugged into Facebook I would totally have missed it.

How to Own Yourself on the Web

After having a nice recent conversation with Jeff Liebert lately, I read his fantastic post in the WMW supporter’s forum about Are Businesses and People Adapting to the WWW Publicity Machine?

2008 to be “Year of Linux on the Desktop?”

On Saturday at the iPhoneDevCamp someone was showing me his computer. It was running Ubuntu. Linux.

I noted to myself that it finally got over some of the ugliness that turned me off of earlier Linux-on-the-desktop attempts. He showed me, and a few other people some of the cool things (much nicer 3D switching than even OSX has, for instance). Damn, I thought to myself, it’s time to give Linux another look.

If You Spam Digg, Learn English

Gaming Digg.com has gone international. Or perhaps just retarded, as traffic-minded spammers shuffle in with broken English and a generally poor master plan.

The Definition of Social Media
· 1

After publishing, "The Future of Communications – A Manifesto for Integrating Social Media into Marketing," I decided to take a short break. I wanted it to reside online for people to discover before it was pushed down the page with every post to follow.

Digg Censoring News About AOL?

The revamp of AOL News today is quite significant, and Reuters being first to break the news is a trusted source of information.

I thought it was strange that the story hadn’t been submitted to Digg, because it was already appearing on Megite.

Digg, Facebook Hit Magical Mark
· 2

Both Digg and Facebook passed the 20 million visitor mark, which measurement firm Compete considers a magical milestone for Web 2.0 sites.

Digg Mob Strikes Again
· 3

Ok so dig. The mob-mentality of Digg.com users theme is growing thin, I admit. But, as mobs are wont to do, the situation has escalated beyond all reason, and the crowd isn’t sorry, just more vicious.

Digg Responds to Social Networking Challengers

I’ve always warned that starting a new search engine, no matter how unique the offering, is a risky proposition. Even if you do create something different, what’s to stop Google from rolling out the same functionality? If I can get it at Google, why go else where?

Things LinkedIn Can Learn From Digg

I came across an interesting article today on CNNMoney.com titled "LinkedIn Says It Will Own Business Networking".

Feed Optimization Tip: Don’t Forget FeedFlare

FeedBurner is the only service (that I know of) that will re-publish a blogs feed in order to get feed stats. Being such a great service, many users use it only to figure out how many readers their blogs have.

Yahoo Site Explorer Figures Jump

It looks like there’s been an update to Yahoo Site Explorer links today, I’ve noticed a large increase in inbound links for a number of different sites.

The Unofficial Digg Guide

SEOPedia has a great summation or FAQ about how Digg works, and the influence of some of the algorithm changes that they have implemented in the last month. While there are a lot of folks who try to game Digg, and get spam to the front page, many of us smaller, single site posters like Ittoolbox, who have a great Google Page Rank overall, but lower page ranks for individual bloggers have gotten caught up in the changes.

Hanging with SEOs, Penalized on Digg
It occurred me this week, after seeing my old rant against Digg still pulling in traffic to this blog, that I would be nice and just act normal for once. I’d write a humorous 10 Tips article on usability and see if it inspired any Diggs. Maybe this time I’d have a positive experience because I swear all my friends just rave about the place.

Another Digg Success Story

Tim Ferriss

Digg Banning Users for Digging too Often

A member in one of my discussion lists just got his account banned by Digg.

What was the reason you say ?

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