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Free WSJ Online Access Coming

Rupert Murdoch plans to make WSJ.com free to increase readership and generate far more in advertising. Right now the site gets 1 million viewers and Murdoch hopes to see it go to 15 million. For now a subscription just to the online edition is $79 for a year.

Microsoft Confirms New Messenger for Mac

Microsoft has confirmed that a new version of its Messenger instant messaging software will ship with and when Mac Office 2008 hits stores.

While we don’t know anything about features, or even if it’ll be named Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger (presumably the new name, though), at least Mac fans are getting a new version.

Digg This: Wall Street Journal Adds Buttons
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Only one website’s buttons appear on Wall Street Journal stories, inviting readers to share articles, and those buttons belong to Digg.

Digg School – 4 Tips To Digg Success

Over the past few years, I’ve written a number of posts that caught the attention of Digg users. Many were surprises, but a dozen or so were written specifically for Digg, mostly for clients.

When Social Media and PR Work Together

I’m speaking tonight at a panel put on by Business Wire.  If you want to come, please do so, and be sure to say hello.  The topic is on social media generally, but more specifically looking at using social media for enhancing your news value. 

10 Reasons Why I Hate Shout Outs on Digg

It has now been nearly 6 weeks since the new shout feature was launched at Digg and I am not a big fan. Here are 10 reasons why I hate it:

1. New diggers are now able to get submissions on the homepage.

2. It doesn’t require as much skill to get submissions on the homepage – anyone can do it.

3. New diggers are adding 900+ friends, shouting them all and getting 40 diggs in less then an hour.

4. It’s even harder to get my lame submissions on the homepage.

5. Top diggers are being challenged.

A Strategic Approach to Social Media Marketing
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A Strategic Approach to Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is more than just implementing social bookmarks on your site in hopes that your content spreads like a virus. It’s more than seeding your content in sites like Digg; and/or trying to game their voting algorithm.

Mozilla’s Top Revenue’s From Google

Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker in a blog post writes:

Mozilla’s revenues (including both Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation) for 2006 were $66,840,850, up approximately 26% from 2005 revenue of $52,906,602. As in 2005 the vast majority of this revenue is associated with the search functionality in Mozilla Firefox, and the majority of that is from Google.

SMX: Extra! Extra! The Social News Sites
Digg, Netscape, Reddit, Newsvine and others allow community members to share and rate news stories.

They are primary news sources and influential outlets that must be considered by marketers. But don’t expect to post your old-school press release and get a good response! Learn how these sites work and how to best tailor your message for maximum visibility on them.

SMX Social Media: 12 Tips For Dealing With Digg

On average, a story making it to the front page of Digg.com gleans 129 links and generates over 10,000 visitors per hour to a website, or so say the experts at the SMX Social Media event in New York.

Digg, Pownce Have Gender Issues

A seemingly angry post on Digg by Pownce developer Leah Culver about a duplicate feature in Digg’s new profiles, and a peek at that feature, made us wonder about the fuss.

Social News Site Launches In Private Beta

Social media Website Mixx, launched today in private beta. The customizable site brings together a combination of user-recommended news articles, videos and images, social networking and personalization tools.

Digg Gets More Social

Business Week reports today that Digg will be rolling out a brand new, even more social site any minute now.

Designed to bring more of a social networking aspect to the site, the new design will feature the ability to create a “real” profile page, better connect with your Digg friends, monitor their activities and send them stories. Just what die-hard Diggers needed: another excuse to while away the hours on their favorite website.

Kevin Rose Presents New Digg Features

Digg’s main dude provided the narration for a video about new features on the social media site, as the company announced some forthcoming updates on Digg through the rest of 2007.

Patent Examination Goes Social

There is little doubt that patents are driving innovation. However, those same patents can hinder the progress if applied incorrectly.

AjaxNinja Whips Shurikens Into Digg
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If you’ve been in a situation like Lee Odden was this year, on the outs with social media site Digg, you’ve probably wondered if there are better places to try and get a site noticed.

Digg Security Hole Promotes Story with a Couple Votes

If you were lucky you managed to see a Digg security hole get exposed on September 12th

Below is a screen shot of the digg home page with 2 votes. The screen shot shows 5 but that because it was taken after a refresh

Metacafe Hosting Digg Channel

Video sharing site Metacafe has launched a new dedicated Digg Channel.

Digg Redesign Worships Videos, Dropdowns

A new look for Digg emerged last night, bringing videos and news to a single page along with some Ajax technology updates to the site’s menus.

29% Of Technorati Top 100 Never Hit Digg Home Page

I heard about this story from Glen yesterday about his extensive research into the correlation between the Technorati 100 and Digg home page stories.

Another Technorati Top 100 Benefit

There’s another benefit to being in the Technorati Top 100. In addition to being the most linked-to blogs as tracked by Technorati, the Top 100 blogs have made the Digg homepage 8000 times. Clickalite.com looked at Digg’s history to examine whether Technorati’s most popular tracked blogs were popular there, too. And were they ever.

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