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Digg Offers Little To Rumored Buyer Google
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Eric Schmidt and company could have a $200 million check waiting for social media site Digg. Google shareholders may be wondering why.

Is Google Digging Itself?
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Rumors had floated for weeks Google was negotiating to buy Digg.com for purposes of enhancing Google News. But it looks like Google is already integrating Digg-like features in a surprisingly open round of testing in the search results.

With Google’s slate of engineers, one wonders why they would buy a site if they could replicate the same idea. Imagine results created by users voting them up or down, results users can comment on and rate the comments of others.

Digg Digs The News More This Year

Traffic flowing out from Digg still hits entertainment-related sites the most, but recently the gap between driving traffic there versus news & media sites narrowed.

Microsoft Preparing Release Of Social Bookmarks
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However this new product turns out, Microsoft at least deserves a hand for not making its name irrelevant or unwieldy.  As for the turning-out part, Social Bookmarks should be shown off for the first time this week.

Five Ways To Score Big On Digg

The big social media sites receive thousands of submissions continually. Yours doesn’t have to be one that never escapes Digg’s Upcoming section, or the basement of any social bookmarking presence.

SMX Social Media Conference

Last week I attended the SMX Social Media Conference in Long Beach California, here are some of my thoughts about the event.

Digg Loses Its Techie Luster
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The social media site boomed to popularity with its early focus on technology, an area that has become less important to Digg’s masters as they seek a broader audience.

Web Info Leads To “Shocking” Crime
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Putting to use knowledge gained from the Internet, a Connecticut teen was arrested for attempting to shock a classmate—literally shock a classmate—with a rigged disposable camera.

Twenty years ago, this would have earned you detention. In light of certain third graders, though (among other nightmarish events), it means calling the cops.

Publish2 Receives $2.7 Million In Funding

Online news aggregator startup Publish2 has raised $2.75 million in funding from Velocity Interactive Group, a digital media investment firm.

Yahoo Buzzing After Digg

As expected by its model, Yahoo Buzz sends plenty of traffic to the news publishers who have agreements in place with Yahoo to be part of their new social media site.

News And Media Crowd Fond Of Yahoo Buzz

New Hitwise statistics create an interesting comparison between Digg and Yahoo Buzz.  Depending on which side of the "blogs and personal websites" and "news and media" divide a site stands, it seems the second entity is either almost worthless or nearly as valuable as the first.

Adelson Dismisses Digg Sale Rumors

Purported interest in Digg by Google and Microsoft made for a hot rumor earlier, but Digg CEO Jay Adelson said rumors is all they were.

Obama, Google Tops At Digg
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The following results from my little, informal study are hardly definitive, but they are interesting. Someone following up with a more intensive and scientifically rigorous quantitative analysis might find the same thing I did: stories related to Barack Obama are submitted more often to Digg.com than stories about Hillary Clinton, John McCain or Ron Paul.

On the tech side, Google takes the prize against Microsoft, and stories about Microsoft outpace Linux.

SMX West: Social Media And The SEO

Fickle yet valuable, traffic from social media sites represents a way of generating lots of page views in a very short, and profitable, period of time.

Digg Seeks Questions For Townhall Meeting
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Digg’s feisty user community will have a chance to question Kevin Rose and company about the site and its attendant issues on Monday night.

Yahoo To Launch Digg Competitor

Valleywag is reporting that Yahoo is planning on launching Yahoo Buzz, a social news site that will rank news based on popular search results and user voting. Buzz will be designed to compete with Digg, which is all well and good, except that it will have a particularly nauseating twist: Only sites that run Yahoo Publisher Network ads will be shown on the site.

Zune Software Download Now Available!
· 10

Hey Everyone, The Zune Software is currently up on Zune.net.

» You can find the software HERE. System Requirements

Digg This: Ask Opens BigNews

A joint project by Ask and Digg led to the opening of BigNews, a service for tracking important and widely discussed news stories.

Net Payola: Paying For The Digg Front Page
· 1

An advertisement appeared on a freelancing site, offering $250 in exchange for getting a couple of movie-related items to the front page of Digg.

Manipulation and Profit Margins
Central hubs on the web fight off manipulation to keep their status and profit margins in tact. A side effect of this war on control over information access is the butchering of the English language.

Digg is Illegal?

Digg’s CEO Jay Adelson said:

Rose Explains Digg’s Outage: Algo Update
· 2

Midday visitors to Digg yesterday encountered its “out of service” message. Kevin Rose explained why on his blog.

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