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Liz Cheney Rips Obama With Help From Dick

Liz Cheney and Dick Cheney have taken to the op-ed platform of the Wall Street Journal to make some seriously specific accusations against the president and his policies. Dick Cheney has been a harsh critic of Obama’s since the very …

Dick Cheney: Sarah Palin Was McCain’s “Mistake”
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Dick Cheney is everywhere lately; talking about his health problems, his take on President Obama, and his thoughts on whether Sarah Palin was the right choice for John McCain. Where the latter is concerned, a firm and resounding “no” sums …

Where Mainstream Fails, YouTube Delivers Dick
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It’s not exactly a stretch to say the White House has public relations issues. For the most part, though, footage that could be held against them has been dug up by the Daily Show more than the mainstream media. And then came YouTube.

What you might call a fringe group – global conspiracy prophets are fringe, right? – have uploaded an obscure video from 1994, where then former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney defended the decision not to invade Iraq following the Gulf War (a decision which, if you remember in fairness, broke poor Al Gore’s heart).

DC Madam Phone Numbers Become Searchable
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You smell that? It’s politician sweat. There were already a slew of people trying to figure out just who in Washington made the most notorious list in national history, but now, anybody can look. Somebody’s just made the DC Madam phone book searchable online.