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Amazon Elements Is About More Than Diapers

Amazon just announced the launch of Amazon Elements, a new line of “premium, everyday essentials with transparent origins.” On the surface, the announcement just sounds like Amazon is offering its own line of products, which so far includes diapers and baby wipes. On a strategic level, this is a pretty big move from the ecommerce giant. Amazon Elements is being …

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Bob Saget Reveals Smelly Relationship with the Olsen Twins

Bob Saget, better known as the single father Danny Tanner on the ‘90s sitcom Full House, opens up about how real his daddy role was on set. In his latest autobiography, Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian, Saget shares a few details into his life when it comes to family-related death, losing a job, divorce, near-death experiences, personal demons, …

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Japan Diaper Shortage: It’s A Real Problem

A Japan diaper shortage sounds like the opening line to a bad joke, but it is actually a real problem and causing distress for Japanese parents. The shortage is caused by Japan’s attempt to avoid a high sales tax increase. When consumers learned of the approaching tax increase, they began buying up items like diapers, cigarettes and other consumer goods …

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Japan Diaper Shortage: The Bizarre Explanation

The words “diaper shortage” may lead some to scratch their heads when paired with Japan. After all, Japan’s low birthrates are practically notorious at this point. It’s well understood that the current generation is hardly concerned with keeping the population growing. Is the report of a diaper shortage due to a sudden baby boom that no one saw coming? No, …

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These Smart Diapers Are Smarter Than You Think

Pixie Scientific has developed Smart Diapers (that’s their actual name) that can send information to parents’ smartphones. And no, it’s not to let you know when the baby has peed or pooped. The smartness actually comes in the form of a color-changing QR code that parents can scan with their phones, and access health information via Pixie Scientific’s app. Pixie …

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Huggies Ad Backlash Sweeps Web As Angry Dads Protest

A recent Huggies ad campaign has many fathers angry at what they say is a depiction of dads as “bumbling idiots” rather than active parents. The ad, which urges consumers to “Put dad to the test”, shows a group of dads who are so preoccupied with watching sports that they forget to change their babies’ diapers. The intended message, according …

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