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Kendall Jenner Does New York Fashion Week With Style

Kendall Jenner has just wrapped up her first official New York Fashion Week–at least from a fashion model’s perspective anyway. The 18-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star walked the runways for a variety of fashion houses throughout the week. The L.A. Times reports that Jenner is now billed by her modeling agency as only ‘Kendall.’ Her first foray into …

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Google Glass’ New DVF High-Fashion Frames Now Available

If you’ve been holding off on joining the Google Glass Explorer program because you feel the basic Glass frames lack a certain amount of flair, today could be the day you take the ($1,800) plunge. Announced earlier this month, the new high fashion Glass frames, from famed designer Diane von Furstenberg, are now available to purchase on both Google’s Glass …

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Google Glass Tries High Fashion with New Diane von Furstenberg Collection

Now that anyone in the U.S. can buy their high-tech specs, Google has a few hurdles to jump to make Glass an everyday item for regular people. Apart from the still-exclusive price point of $1,500 (Google will surely drop that when Glass releases wide), there’s some backlash out there from people concerned about privacy, and a general consensus from some …

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