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Dez Bryant Becomes Santa And Buys A PS4 For People In Line At Walmart

I bet every gamer wishes that they could have been in line after hearing this news. Dez Bryant stopped by a Walmart in Dallas on Thursday night, and rewarded those who had been waiting in line by buying them all a brand new PS4. While some people can claim to have bought the system brand new on its launch day, …

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Dez Bryant’s Amazing Sideline Tantrum [VIDEO]

The big story from the Dallas Cowboys-Detroit Lions game today wasn’t so much the 31-30 thriller that the Lions won in the final seconds as it was Dez Bryant’s epic meltdown on the Cowboys sideline. The Dallas wide receiver went off on, well, pretty much everyone. Words don’t really do Bryant’s temper tantrum justice, so watch the video below. After …

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Dez Bryant is Ready for Megatron on Sunday

Sundays in the fall have become something more than just a day of rest (like the Lord said) for many. Now, millions of people sit in front of their TVs, laptops, smartphones, or tablets to watch their favorite NFL teams and pay attention to the points players earn their fantasy teams. Dez Bryant is planning on getting many points for …

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Tony Romo Has Bruised Ribs; Will Play Against KC

After taking a dual-hit from both Matthias Kiwanuka and Justin Trattou during the 2nd quarter of Sunday night’s Cowboys vs. Giants game, Tony Romo remained on the ground and missed the next snap. At first glance, it almost appeared that Cowboys fans (and the rest of the NFL community) would have a chance to delight that someone else would finally …

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