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Reduce Web Development Cost By Sharing Web Experience With No External Spending
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How to reduce development costs for individual brand Web sites while ensuring corporate Web strategy?

Kick Start J2ME (TM) Development with BlackBerry

If you are looking to expand your user base, you may want to consider looking into porting your game or application to the BlackBerry handsets.

Google Opens Indian Research And Development Facility

Google is set to begin operations in one of its research and development facilities located in Bangalore, the technology capital of India. This is the third R&D facility that Google owns outside of the US. The other two facilities are located in Switzerland and Japan.

Software Development Project: Phases Overview

Most materials discussing the phases of a software development project are intended for the developers community. I decided to take a different look at the issue and help those novices who are going to outsource a software development project to an outsource service provider (OSP).

Google To Set Up Research And Development In Japan

According to AsiaTimesOnline.com, Google is planning to establish a research and developmental center located in Japan by June of 2004. The facility will be responsible for refining Google’s search software to make it more user-friendly for the Japanese.

Branding Your Business Part II

In Branding Your Business Part I, we began discussing how to most effectively brand your company. In Part II, we will continue by adding more crucial areas where you should implement your new brand. Considering its pervasive nature and obvious importance, let’s start with content development and copy writing.

How To Find Ideas For Creating Your Own Profitable Products

In this Article we look at the third competitive advantage of successful Internet Marketers – Creating Products.

Avoid Project Pitfalls that Kill Idea Development Work

The following list of project pitfalls will sabotage the hard work of idea development. Identify the pitfalls that are relevant to your project and develop strategies to eliminate or minimize them. Think your way to success. The fun part is developing a workable idea. The hard part is the project work that implements the idea.

Website Development: Become Your Own Expert

Starting and maintaining a business is challenging enough without the additional financial burden of hiring a web site expert to put your vision on paper. If you are starting your business on a “shoe string budget,” hiring someone to take your written materials to type in a basic format, add a few pictures and edit what you tell them periodically may not be sound money management.

Outsourcing IT Development: Advantages and Disadvantages

You can outsource almost anything. Maybe you don’t know it yet, but it’s true. A couple of days ago, when I was drinking coffee in the kitchen, my wife pointed at the faucet that was leaking big time. The good ole faucet was there when we moved in about ten years ago, and trying to fix it again didn’t make sense any more. Since I religiously believe in DIY, I bought a new faucet and set about working. When the old faucet was gone, I found out the metal pipe under the sink had to be replaced, too. There was no way I could do it without recourse to welding. I realized I was ready to outsource that part of the project, so I called the plumber.

Best Types of Projects for Offshoring

In general terms, certain types of projects are more suitable for offshoring than others. For example, if the project would require someone from the offshoring company to be present on your site for an extended period of time – this is not a good use of the offshoring resource. Instead, what you may be better to look for is a body shop who can provide resources locally.

Global Factors Impacting the Software Development Industry

One of the great equalizers’ in the global economy is the Internet and other forms of modern telecommunications. Today, unlike just a few short years ago, programmers in one part of the world can work seamlessly on projects across the globe. Likewise, work may be distributed to programmers in many locations – unrestricted by time or distance – to be reassembled as working units back home.

The power of custom software solutions

With the release of OS X, business owners have realized a tremendous ncrease in the number of pre-built applications (many ported from the UNIX world). Even with this increase, companies sometimes find it difficult to switch to the Mac or run their business entirely on Macs because of one or two specific applications are available only for Windows.

Zero-Defect Software Development

In my corner of the software industry, I will work from six months to a couple years to develop and release a new computer game. I can sell sequels or expansion packs, but I generally cannot sell upgrades as with other software.

Considerations for Mobile Game Development

More and more J2ME handsets are being deployed world wide by all major cellular carriers and are supported by mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Siemens, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. There will be if not already a huge demand in mobile development, one of these key areas undoubtly is mobile gaming.

With that being said this tutorial will give you a brief introduction in developing games using J2ME (Java MicroEdition), visit Sun MicroSystems for further details at http://wireless.java.sun.com.

7 ways to keep web development costs down

Many web development projects – large and small alike – can produce difficulties for both sides of the designer/client relationship. There are opportunities for designers and clients to become frustrated. Most businesses have little experience of commissioning web projects, and for designers it is difficult to communicate their needs to clients.

Why Offshore Your Software and Web Development?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock someplace, you have no doubt heard of outsourcing – and, have very likely been directly affected by it. Perhaps your job was outsourced’. In some cases – you become the loser’ – having your job given to some local competitor – in other cases, you may have become the winner’ – being able to continue the work you’ve always done, but under your own company now separate from the company you formerly worked for. Offshore Software Development or “Offshoring” The term “outsourcing” can also be extended – in cases where the work is now to be done outside the borders of your own country. A new, and popular term for this is called, “offshoring”.

The Top 10 Easy Ezine Development and Promotion Tips

Either do it right or don’t do it at all Don’t create an ezine just because you’re reading or seeing that others are creating them. While ezines can be a way to market your business, they are also time consuming. Remember to always market your business while keeping your integrity intact.

Usability and Cost Savings while Designing an Intranet

This article discusses the value of design in the development of an intranet and how it can create cost savings not only in it’s development, but in the future as company employees leverage the system to save time.

Getting Started With Palm Query Application Development

A Palm Query Application, or PQA as they are commonly called, is a special type of application for Palm VII devices that allows a user to interact wirelessly with Web content.

Add Velocity to Your Development

In its simplest form, a template engine takes data, processes it and then displays it.