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Oracle 10G Development & Design: Heterogeneous Database Access

Oracle 10G Development: Access from Oracle to Heterogeneous Data on Microsoft CRM database example.

Ebay Open To Development

The online auctioneer has announced a new web site to help developers build applications for eBay and PayPal.

Corporate Responsibility Reporting Enters the Mainstream

International accounting firm KPMG has published the results of its latest survey on corporate responsibility reporting.

NASA Tabs Two For CEV Development

Lockheed Martin and a team of Boeing and Northrop Grumman were selected to compete for the chance to develop the shuttle’s replacement.

Nokia Browser Builds On Apples Work

Nokia will build a new Series 60 browser by adapting code fro the Cupertino-based computer company’s Safari browser.

Sun Microsystems Opens Solaris Code

Tuesday, the technology company published source code for an open source version of the Solaris operating system.

Nokia and Intel Team Up On WIMAX Development

Nokia and Intel announced that they are working together to speed up the development, and deployment of WIMAX technology to bring new capabilities to mobile users over high-speed broadband networks.

Secrets of Product Development and What Journalists Write

Before I came out to California to work at Yahoo, I watched the business and culture of Silicon Valley from a distance. I read lots of the trade rags, tech web sites, and books about early Internet companies (the Netscape era).

Vinyl Chemicals Shown To Stunt Male Development

Chemicals known as phthalates, used as a softening agent in a variety of widely used vinyl-based plastics, have been shown to mimic prenatal estrogen, and may cause stunted genital development in boys.

Factor 5 Shuns Xbox 360 For Game Development

IGNIQ.com reports that Factor 5, developer of games including the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series…

Sun Wanders Down The SOA Path

Sun Microsystems has made a new Service Oriented Architecture practice available to bolster SOA solutions.

Blog-Talk Downunder Draws Near
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Blogtalk Downunder is getting close now – and some of the papers being presented are truly mouth watering stuff.

Speed up Your Application Development in Macromedia’s ColdFusion MX 7.0

Macromedia announced their release of Coldfusion’s latest version on February 7, 2005.

Microsoft Great Plains Accounting Software ERP Development

Microsoft Great Plains is the definite stake for Microsoft Business Solutions for the US market.

Best Practices in Offshore Software Development

A Software Model that emphasizes on global delivery of quality software build by talented pool of professionals at an economical cost from a development center that is located in a foreign land is Offshore Software Development.

Successful Link Development Tips and Guidelines
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Reader Question: I often get emails from search engine marketing companies who claim that they can get high-quality links pointing to my Web site. They usually mention a PageRank (PR) of 7 to 9. Since my site needs more link popularity, I am tempted to give it a try. Will subscribing to this program help my site’s link popularity?

Microsoft Seeks Input on Longhorn development

In a post on the Longhorn developer blog, Microsoft asks for customer input on some networking features Microsoft is considering …

High Energy Prices To Lead to Alternative Source Development

Yesterday, Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan said that high energy prices are the result of the tightest oil and gas market we have seen in a long time.

Web Development Processes and Technical Environments

The process of Web application development is critical to the success of web-based projects.

Functional Specification for Web Development

What are pitfalls that companies should avoid when specifying Web applications for internal or external development?

Google Brings Desktop Search Out Of Beta

There is a running joke about how Google never brings any of their innovations out of the beta stage. The thinking is, if something breaks, Google can always say it was still in beta testing.