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Google Reveals New Product Development Secret

Ok, so this post may not live up to the hype of the title, but admit it, you needed a Friday afternoon chuckle. :-)

Reducing Risks in Web Application Development

Prototyping is one of the most important aspects of our development process.

The Differences Between Software Development and Software Engineering

Software development and software engineering go hand in hand when it comes to the implementation of software.

WIN With Linux Software Development Program

WIN Enterprises, a company specializing in embedded controllers and platforms for OEMS, announced their development of a Linux software development program that includes a software development kit for its OEM customers.

How To Choose Which Web Development Package Is Right For You

There are plenty of options when it comes to web site creation software and a wannabe web designer might have a hard time deciding which to choose.

IT Development Means .NET Development

QA, Training Company of the Year 2005, predicts that .NET development will be a top priority for IT departments in 2006, following its annual customer survey. Training decision-makers were asked to select five technology areas that would be of importance to their organization in the next twelve months and .NET development was a run-away leader with over a third of the organizations rating it as one of their top priorities.

Alexa Allows Personal Search Development
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Alexa is a little-known search company owned by Amazon, which is primarily used by search marketers as a basic statistics provider.

Good Deals in Software Outsourcing

Specialist Software Outsourcing and Offshore Development firm Core Solutions is offering quite a deal for those looking to outsource projects.

Beginning Web Development with Perl (Review)

While Perl may not be the “cool” language for websites anymore, there are some of us who prefer to work with it because we use it for so many other tasks.

Google’s Future in Auctions

When you leak news of further diversification, the market often punishes. After record earnings, though, this news of Google’s development of an auction service pushes the stock up another six bucks. I suppose that’s a buy on rumor reaction.

Macromedia Muscles Development With Flex

Flash Player will be updated to version 8.5, and will be accompanied by the company’s Flex 2 product line.

Development Worlds Collide On Floor of MVP Summit

There is a fight underway and it was very clear to me on the floor of the MVP Summit expo hall yesterday.

Windows Development Processes Torn Apart

It’s interesting to watch the reactions to the Wall Street Journal article about how messed up Windows development processes were.

Katrina Evacuee Interview: Charles Pizzo
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In this edition of For Immediate Release podcast interviews, Shel and Neville spoke with Charles Pizzo

Microsoft In Development

MSN’s search blog put out the word today for developers. This could be good because it’s going to give developers the ability to develop applications for lots of their properties including MSN Messenger, Virtual Earth and start.com.

Borland Improves Real Time Java Development

Borland Software announced the release of its JBuilder 2006, an upgrade of its Java integrated development environment (IDE) for enterprise Java applications.

Buy, Borrow, Beg, and Barter for Links
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I’ve quoted this before, but it’s worth quoting again (many more time most likely)…

Online Business Development: 4 Ways to Start Off Strong

Moving your business online can be a daunting task especially when dealing with the technicalities of putting the puzzle together.

What to Publish on Your Website: Content Development

Many businesses want a simple website where they tell people what their business is about, some information on the products they offer and a means of contacting them.

Its How Many Flops? Japan Begins Supercomputer Development

According to the Kyodo News, Japan is working on a computer that runs faster than Tom Cruise from reality. In fact, it’ll be 73 times faster than the world’s current speed demon, IBM’s American Blue Gene/L, or so says a very confident group of Japanese scientists.

Sony Signs Unreal Development Deal

The PlayStation 3 maker has signed an agreement with Epic Games to sublicense the Unreal Engine 3 game development framework.