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Atlas Can Lift ASP Development

Microsoft offers its version of an Ajax framework called Atlas, which integrates cross-browser script libraries with ASP.NET server-side development.

W3C Advances Mobile Web Development

The World Wide Web Consortium has promoted its Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 for website and content management system designers to Candidate Recommendation status.

10 Step Web Design and Development Contract Agreement
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This is not written by a professional lawyer or anyone close to one. It is written by a typical business owner of a successful web development company who has no law degree or the budget to hire a lawyer to write a web development contract.

JD Edwards, Red Hat, Oracle vs SAP Growth…

News on Applications Unlimited – Oracle’s plan to enhance JD Edwards, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Siebel applications on an on-going basis.

Key Considerations in Web Site Development Agreements

When web developers and their clients get together, there can be a variety of different responses.

Google Graphs World Development

Google has produced a very interesting tool that plots world development indicators on a graph to compare against each other. Part of Google’s Co-op program, the tool is called the Gapminder, a “non-profit venture” that collects information and makes it viewable in visual and animated ways using Flash technology.

The Future of Web Development

In recent years, website development has massively increased in popularity.

New Announcements from Google

The official Google blog has been busy…

4 Steps To Success In Web Development

If you are planning to become a serious player in the webdesign world, you should now what to learn and discover. Heres a short list that gives you an overview of your needs.

The Software Development Life Cycle: When to Secure Your Process

When it comes to software security, the general perception is that including technologies such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and malware protection throughout the software development life cycle is all that’s needed to keep information secure in the end product.

PubCon Boston 2006

PubCon Boston 2006 is in the books now. As such, I though I would put together a quick overview/recap of some of the more memorable points and quotes I found particularly interesting.

Subcontracting your SEO and Web Development

Web development for the SEO (search engine optimization) expert includes using copywriters to generate SEO articles.

User Experience – Buzz Word or the Way Forward for Web Development?

User experience might sound like just another bit of marketing candy, but there’s a lot of science hiding behind this feel good phrase.

Red Hats New Linux Software Development Tools
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San Francisco based Linux dudes Red Hat announced a “Integrated Virtualization” strategy on Tuesday. This new tool should simplify deployment in a new virtualization environment. They claim this will allow customers to deploy resources at minimal cost while maximizing utilization.

AOL AIMs For Development Community

The Open AIM software development kit and support website moved into the public view Monday morning, and third-party developers have begun downloading the SDK to give it a try.

DreamWorks Imagines Linux Development SOA

Hewlett-Packard announced DreamWorks would implement a service-oriented architecture (SOA) solution based on Linux.

Linux Software Development Benefits Healthcare

A joint effort by WorldVistA and Windows-to-Linux developer firm CodeWeavers will bring a component of the VistA health records application to Linux systems.

Yahoo! Developer Network’s PHP Development Center

Woohoo! The PHP Development Center is now live on the Yahoo! Developer Network.

Forum Nokia And Adobe On Mobile Flash Development

Finnish based Nokia announced on Thursday the creation of Forum Nokia PRO: Flash Zone. It’s a support program put together between Nokia and Adobe with the intention of helping Forum Nokia PRO companies to develop Macromedia Flash applications for devices deployed by wireless operators.

SVN Gets Props For Web Development

A Swiss developer has found the Subversion source control system a welcome integration into his team’s web development efforts.

Trains, Urinals, And Iranian Nuke Mashups

Users around the world have done a lot with the APIs provided by the likes of Google, Yahoo, and Amazon; one site delivers a RSS feed of mashups, so no one has to miss out on the next one to come along.