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A Java Developer’s Guide To Web Hosting
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You make a living writing enterprise java applications, and you would like to work on your own projects for fun or profit, you would like to create your own web site or you would like to have a place to host your open source project.

Why Former IE Developer Switched To Firefox

A former lead interface developer of Internet Explorer posts a fascinating confession about “Why I switched to Firefox,” in which he admits his allegiance to Firefox.

MSN Opens Search Via Web Service

The MSN Search engine will be accessible via a new API called the SOAP Web Service, allowing 10,000 queries per application per day.

Microsoft In Development

MSN’s search blog put out the word today for developers. This could be good because it’s going to give developers the ability to develop applications for lots of their properties including MSN Messenger, Virtual Earth and start.com.

How To Hire A Web Developer

Today, most businesses want a website. Some already have one. Others want one. They don’t want to hire IT staff and probably can’t afford any. And in most cases, an in-house IT staff, especially for your typical small business, just isn’t necessary.

Flash Developer Toolbox
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These days, Flash users fall into two main categories: designers, who can dream up amazing Flash user interfaces, and developers, who spend most of their time pressing Ctrl+Enter. The Flash developer is a relatively new moniker. It describes someone who prefers to interact with Flash using a text editor, rather than manipulating movie clips on the stage. This article is an overview of must-have tools for Flash developers. Most of them are free, some are not. But all of them can save you time and effort.

Intel Goes After Home Entertainment

Intel is planning to unleash a new technology called Viiv early next year, which is designed specifically for home digital entertainment purposes.

Intels Developer Forum Kicks Off

Intel opened their developer conference and lots of news has been floating around as a result. Paul Otellini addressed the conference and talked about the Intel vision and where things will go from here.

Otellini Keynotes Intel Developer Forum

Don’t think of the approach as low powered chips; think of it as more performance per watt.

AMD Ups The Mobile Gaming Experience

Two new models of processors will find their way into the hands of gamers via laptops from custom shop VoodooPC.

Blogger.com Hijacked (Briefly)

What looks like a “just because we could” type of hack, Google’s Blogger.com was hijacked through the “Blogger Developer Network Blog” page. The hack allowed anyone administrator status and the priveledges that come with it.

Gmail Widget Available For OS X Users
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When Apple debuted the highly praised OS X, one of the inclusions was Dashboard, a utility that allows users to develop widgets to increase the functionality of their computing experience.

Skype Launches Developer Blog
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Via Skype Journal, news that internet phone service provider Skype now has a second public blog – Developer Zone.

Sun Offer Java Student Developer Program

Sun commits $180 million USD in training, tools, research, and grants to promote Java development.

Developer Thinks Different And Sues Over iTunes

David Contois claims that Apple Computer has infringed on his six-year old design patent.

Firefox Developer Accuses TechWeb Journalist of Lying

Firefox developer Asa Dotzler is using the Spread Firefox blog to accuse TechWeb of lying about the Firefox 1.0 downloads.

Microsoft Great Plains eCommerce: Overview for Developer

Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains was designed back in the early 1990s as the first graphical ERP/accounting system for mid-size businesses.

Yahoo Introduces Yahoo Search Developer Network

Yahoo Inc. a leading global Internet company, today announced the launch of the Yahoo! Search Developer Network…

Yahoo! Search Web Services Launch!

Yeay … I’ll write more about this later, but it’s really late in NYC, I’m stuck on bluetooth/verizon since the Hilton’s network sucks, and I’m getting tired.

Tivo’s HME SDK

Tivo has released a Software Development Kit (SDK) for their broad-band connected Tivo units …

Linux: A Very Different Business Model

For its 31 January edition, Business Week has an intriguing story online about Linus Torvalds, the Finnish creator of the …