Developer Articles

Yahoo! More Web Services!

Yahoo turned four APIs loose on its Developer Network; third-party coders can craft applications using technology from Yahoo’s Photos, Calendar, MyWeb and Shopping products.

Salesforce.com Deploys AppExchange

The AppExchange Developer Network provides services related to building, coding, integrating and sharing on-demand applications with the platform Salesforce announced in San Diego.

Yahoo Launches New APIs

Yahoo has just not quite made available new APIs via the Yahoo! Developer Network.

Yahoo Syndicating Shopping

A revved-up version of the Shopping API Yahoo made available today on its Developer Network offers commercial clients product search, price comparison, ratings & reviews, and shopping browsing too.

Reuse or Write New?

Sometime last summer I was involved in a fairly complicated Perl project. It was one of those “Well, it’s just like the thing you did for X, but now we need it for Y and Z”.

Mozilla Extends Prizes To Firefox Winners

The contest to find the best of the extensions and their developers for the Firefox browsers yielded ten winners out of the over 200 submissions received.

ESRI Developer Summit

A reminder from ESRI points out that the First annual Dev Summit is only 17 days away.

Yahoo Encodes PHP Developer Center

PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf works for Yahoo, and now his programming creation is part of Yahoo’s Developer Network.

Yahoo! Developer Network’s PHP Development Center

Woohoo! The PHP Development Center is now live on the Yahoo! Developer Network.

Microsoft Guy Talking Firefox Extensions? Huh?

Yesterday at Northern Voice we had a panel discussion called “geeking out.”

Microsoft’s Windows Live Power Play

Participating in the first UK preview of Windows Live in London last Thursday evening was a worthwhile experience.

Motorola Plugs Into Linux Developer

Motorola announced plans to add Kreatel Communications to their mix. The Swedish company develops IPTV-based digital set-top boxes that utilize Linux. This move by Motorola will keep them competitive as the IPTV market continues to take off.

Live, On MSN, It’s Developer Webcasts!

We probably won’t see any samurai coders or requests for more cowbell, but two weeks of webcasts could be very beneficial to developers working with MSN’s tools.

Developer Contest Starting On eBay

The online auction firm will put $5,000 up for grabs for individual developers in the eBay Developers Challenge; a developer team of up to four people could win matching Xbox 360 consoles.

eBay Could Drop Developer Fees

Fees charged to third-party developers may be ending today, as eBay seeks to remove that barrier to entry for those who want to build software upon eBay’s APIs.

Microsoft Dupes Developer, Sort Of

It became clear to an Australia man a couple of weeks after the fact that Microsoft legal representatives hadn’t been exactly forthcoming about the purpose of having him sign over the rights to a product name. What he thought was a trademark case, turned out to be “give us that!” case.

Flock Available For Test Drive

The hotly anticipated Flock browser, developed by some of the same folks that had they’re hands in Mozilla’s Firefox, is now available in beta release for the eagle-eyed scrutiny of the nit-pickiest code monkeys.

Google Talk Gains Gaim Developer

Sean Egan, Gaim’s lead developer, disclosed on Gaim’s Sourceforge site he has been working for Google for the past month and a half.

A Java Developer’s Guide To Web Hosting
· 1

You make a living writing enterprise java applications, and you would like to work on your own projects for fun or profit, you would like to create your own web site or you would like to have a place to host your open source project.

Why Former IE Developer Switched To Firefox

A former lead interface developer of Internet Explorer posts a fascinating confession about “Why I switched to Firefox,” in which he admits his allegiance to Firefox.

MSN Opens Search Via Web Service

The MSN Search engine will be accessible via a new API called the SOAP Web Service, allowing 10,000 queries per application per day.