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What Should Be in a Yahoo Groups API?
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Back a few months ago when I asked How to revamp Yahoo! Groups?, I got a ton of great comments.

Microsoft Builds CodePlex Developer Site

Open source and Microsoft would have been an oxymoron a decade ago, but Microsoft has begun embracing the sharing ethos that has given the world software like Linux and the Apache web server.

10 Step Web Design and Development Contract Agreement
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This is not written by a professional lawyer or anyone close to one. It is written by a typical business owner of a successful web development company who has no law degree or the budget to hire a lawyer to write a web development contract.

Zawodny Back in Yahoo Developer Network

Now that the cat’s out of the bag on at least one internal mailing list, I figured I’d mention it here as well.

Microsoft, Yahoo Update Messengers

Late news from Yahoo reveals a new beta of their instant messaging client with plugins and a developer kit, while Microsoft ties its debut of Windows Live Messenger to Johnny Depp’s forthcoming ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ sequel.

Google Monster, Picasa, Earth, GEO, News
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Google is building new monster sized computing center, “as big as two football fields with twin cooling plants protruding four stories into the sky”. via New York Times.

Google Geo Developer Day, Where 2.0
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What a day I knew it was going to be full of news and cool stuff when Eric Schmidt (CEO), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (co-founders) walked onto the stage at the Googleplex – they note that geospatial is a defining opportunity in search!

Yahoo! Maps API Goes Commercial

As posted on the Yahoo! Developer Network Blog:

Microsoft Releases CTPs Of Web Developer Tools

Two new preview versions have been released of Microsoft’s upcoming Expression line of software for designers. These community technology previews (CTPs) of Expression Graphic Designer and Expression Interactive Designer follow on the heels of the first preview of Expression Web Designer.

Visual Studio Has Database Developer Client

Microsoft has added support for database professionals in the latest version of Team Edition for Visual Studio.

JavaOne Wraps Up For 2006

The 2006 version of the JavaOne Conference finished its run with a number of Calls to Action aimed at Java developers.

Party Foul: Developer Called For Kitten Meanness

Valleywag says 37Signals.com co-founder and web developer, Jason Fried, is mean to kittens. Not to propagate a nasty rumor or anything, but the Save The Kitties campaign on Flickr isn’t helping his case. Maybe he’s allergic.

Apple’s 2006 Developer Conference

Excitement is building for Apple Computer’s Worldwide Developer Conference, at which its new operating system, Mac OS X Leopard, is to be shown for the first time. The company says that innovative ideas will abound at the event, with the number of sessions expected to reach 130.

Web Developer Tools Rock Firefox

An assortment of extensions for Mozilla’s Firefox web browser make it even more useful for developers who prefer using it for their work.

Free .NET Developer Tour

The MSDN events team tells me they are taking to the road again in USA showing how to use the .NET Framework 2.0 and ASP.NET.

Microsoft’s Flashy Failure

In 2004, Microsoft lost an important lawsuit to Eolas Technologies.

Do You Really Own Your Web Site? Maybe Not

Here are some important tips for you to remember and some questions to ask your web site design or development company.

Global Satellite Imagery Added to Yahoo! Maps

Today Yahoo! has added global satellite imagery to Yahoo! Maps beta.

Run XP on a Mac? Cool!

Apple today announced Boot Camp, which lets you run Windows XP on one of those new Macintoshes. Very interesting! The bloggers go wild!

Top 10 Developer Blogs

I asked a few days ago for people to give me their favorite developer blogs. Well, one poster led me to this top 10 list and, boy, is it good.

Burn Hot, Burn Fast – Skype’s PR Demise?

I like Skype. I like the woman that initially launched the service via PR, and she did an amazing job.