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Dodge Viper To Be Crushed By Chrysler

In a decision that has ramifications across the country, Chrysler has ordered a number of Dodge Vipers to be crushed, because they no longer serve an educational purpose. Chrysler released a statement on its blog on March 6 saying, “About 10 years ago, Chrysler Group donated a number of Dodge Viper vehicles to various trade schools for educational purposes. As …

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The Pig Invasion of San Ramon, California

“It looks like a tornado has hopped from yard to yard,” Carrie Spurlock said to NBC Bay Area. “We’ve tried to deter them, but they keep coming back.” The piggy invasion has begun; hordes are arriving in the suburbs of San Ramon, California. Over the span of months, an estimated 20 ravenous swine have dug up California Bay Area resident’s …

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