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Little Boy Stars In The Cutest Video You’ll Ever See

When it comes to YouTube videos with children in them, they usually fall somewhere between cute and incredibly cute, and the video that’s getting a lot of attention at the moment is the one starring a three year old boy …

Ben & Jerry’s Cannoli Ice Cream Limited Batch Released
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Ben & Jerry’s, the creators of popular ice cream concoctions such as Cherry Garcia and Americone Dream, announced this week that their newest limited batch creation will be Cannoli. The ice cream will be a mascarpone ice cream with fudge-covered …

Burger King Bacon Sundae: Twitter Reacts
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Burger King’s bacon sundae doesn’t sound like something that is fit for human consumption. Although I’m a huge fan of bacon on just about anything, the idea of combining it with my dessert isn’t immediately appealing, though, apparently, there’s a …