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Google Rekindling the Microsoft Fire
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Google The All Powerful Microsoft Killer Tell us it ain’t true Bill. The revenue growth, the huge profits and great new products like Desktop Search have created a buzz like the Internet has not seen since Marc Andreesen stumbled upon Netscape.

Talk Via Google Instant Message?
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Google continues to introduce new services, and programs. 2004 has seen the release of their email service, Gmail; they also bought Picasa, an image software company; and the Google Desktop Search utility was just recently made available.

Copernic’s Desktop Search Tool

Copernic released its Copernic Desktop Search (CDS) 1.1, a new and improved version of its critically-acclaimed desktop search product.

Google Desktop Search versus Microsoft Windows Search
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Google Desktop Search Software can’t find your lost keys or tell you where you left the Tivo remote control, or that your glasses are on top of your head, where you left them. But the beta software from Google Labs is nothing short of mandatory for those with more emails, Word documents, Powerpoint, Excel and PDF files than they know what to do with. That’s me.

Google Revolutionizes Desktop Searching

We’re all used to searching the web at blazing fast speeds: picking out the right webpages among the five billion choices takes only a few hundredths of a second. Yet when it comes to searching a relative puddle compared to that ocean, the number of files, e-mails and documents on our computer, the average person is stuck wasting minutes or even hours using Windows’ standard search program.

Google Launches Desktop Search Utility

With desktop search being one of the remaining frontiers for the search engine industry, there is competition to see who can develop an effective means of searching contents on a computer. Recently, a few software packages have upped the ante considerably. Copernic, Blinkx, and the announcement of Mac’s Spotlight are a few of the better-developed solutions.

Company Releases Federated Desktop Search Engine

Scientific Software released a new federated search engine for the desktop PC that is integrated into Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Dell Launches Enhanced Desktop System

Dell launched a Dimension desktop system with expanded multimedia options and high-end performance in a chassis less than 13 inches tall and 4 inches wide.

KMWorld Magazine Recognizes ISYS:desktop Product as One of Trend-Setting Products of 2004

ISYS Search Software’s Industry-Leading Desktop Search Tool for Business and Government Acknowledged for Its Usability, Flexibility and Market Penetration.

Destination: Desktop for Google

First we had the original Google search that evolved into the leader in its class.

Copernic Technologies Announces Copernic Desktop Search

Copernic Technologies today announced Copernic Desktop Search (CDS). Copernic has used the experience gained from over 30 million downloads of its Windows-based Web search software to develop CDS, a desktop search product that users are saying is far superior to anything on the market today.

Microsoft Confirms No Desktop Search For Longhorn

Following up on information that appeared in an article about KDE’s upcoming desktop search utility, Microsoft has announced that they will release Longhorn, their new operating system, without WinFS. This means that Microsoft’s new OS will arrive without a desktop search utility.

KDE To Develop Google-Style Desktop Search Utility

Citing a need for a search utility that performs “crawling, indexing, ranking and displaying”, the developers at KDE have announced their intentions of including a desktop search utility when the newest version of KDE is released. The reason for the creation of such a utility comes from the fact that the developers of KDE believe it’s easier to search for files on the Internet than it is to do so on home computers.

AOL Dialer Now Available for Desktop Linux Users

New Beta Version Open Source Dialer Permits AOL Subscribers to Use Linux Operating System.

Desktop Search Tool Blinkx Launches

Blinkx, a desktop search utility whose offices are based in London and San Francisco, is expected to end its beta testing later this week, while making an official launch. Blinkx was designed to work without keywords or other perplexing search methods. Blinkx can search the web, news, or files on the users PC that relate.

Spotlight On Apples Upcoming Desktop Search Engine

Last week, Steve Jobs, Macintosh CEO, unveiled the upcoming update for Mac’s OS X. The update, version number 10.4, is called Tiger. The differences in this update are not so much visual; rather, it’s more of a performance enhancing revision.

Macintosh Prepared To Introduce Desktop Search

Steve Jobs, CEO of Macintosh, revealed a new file search technology for the upcoming update of Mac’s operating system. The search feature, called Spotlight, will allow Mac users to search for files, words, concepts and documents they have stored on their hard drive. Spotlight is based on the search technology used by iTunes.

Ask Jeeves Acquires Desktop Search Technology Company Tukaroo

Yesterday, June 9, 2004, Ask Jeeves filed a Form S-3 with the SEC in order to sell an additional $400 million worth of stock and securities. Today Jeeves announced the purchase of Tukaroo Inc., a company that researches and develops desktop search technology.

Google Prepares Desktop Search

Rumors coming from Mountain View, California suggest that search engine leader Google may be prepared to launch new software that would enable users to search for information on their computers.

Lycos Introduces HotBot Desktop

Today, Lycos announced the launch of the HotBot Desktop search toolbar. The HotBot Desktop allows users to search the web, giving the results in a browser window.

Conquer Desktop Clutter with Action Files

Action files enable you to unclutter your desk yet still keep reminders and current papers close at hand. Also known as working files, these files are usually separate from — and in addition to – client, project, or reference files. Action files are for current or pending activities and miscellaneous things you must act on.