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2004 – A Year of Search in Review

The past year will be remembered as the most interesting year in the history of search, that is until this time next year. 2004 witnessed the end of the search engine cold-war and the beginning of what is likely to be an intense rivalry between Google and MSN. It also showed a clear demarcation between who’s hot and who’s not in the business of search.

Google and Microsoft Fight Desktop Search Wars

New article in Business Week about the battle of the desktop search engine wars (yes Jeff, I agree, *yawn*).

Weighing The Desktop Search Pros And Cons

The “in” item for big four of the search industry (Google, Yahoo, MSN, and, Ask Jeeves) is Desktop Search utilities. By early next year, all the major search platforms will/should have a branded, functional Desktop Search (DTS) model for the masses to use.

MSN Desktop Search Feedback

Since Microsoft officially announced the availablity of the MSN Desktop Search their blog has received over 100 comments which includes some interesting and useful feedback.

First Look at Ask Jeeves Desktop Search

Ask Jeeves will launch their new Ask Jeeves Desktop Search (AJDS) application on Wednesday, but we caught-up with Senior Vice President, Jim Lanzone, and have some exclusive details of the newest entry to the desktop search race.

Ask Jeeves To Launch Desktop Search Wednesday

Ask Jeeves will launch their new Ask Jeeves Desktop Search (AJDS) application on Wednesday. We caught-up with Senior Vice President, Jim Lanzone for an exclusive interview.

AOL Partners With Copernic For Desktop Search

America Online is offering a beta version of their desktop search utility, which is powered by Copernic. This download is available to all AOL members. The AOL/Copernic partnership also indicates that desktop search has become another hot spot for search developers.

AOL to Use Copernic for Desktop Search

AOL is not very good at keeping secrets. News is out that AOL’s desktop search solution will be powered by Copernic, which pretty much assures that an agreement is in place between the two companies.

Yahoo Will Launch Desktop Search … Eventually

Nothing’s better that to announce something that will happen in the future. You get the publicity without actually having to deliver the goods.

Copernic Desktop Search is First to Fully Support Mozilla Firefox Browser

Copernic today launched version 1.2 of their desktop search tool, which brings a host of new improvements and capatibility with Mozilla’s Firefox browser, the first desktop search to do so.

MSN Search Team Announces Beta Extentions

The MSN Search team announced in their blog a number of new beta extentions to the MSN search engine offered by outside developers.

Lots of Google Desktop Downloads

John Battelle has data from the Majestic group that demonstrates more than 1.3 million unique users visited the Google Desktop download page.

gdSuite: a Google Desktop add-on

gdSuite is a Desktop Search client. This means that you can use gdSuite to search for files, e-mails, web pages you’ve viewed, AIM conversations you’ve had, and, in the near future, Trillian chats and Gmail.

MSN: Desktop Search Screenshot Postings Are Unauthorized

The MSN Search Team pointed out in their blog that postings of screenshots of their desktop search product are unauthorized.

Interest in Better Desktop Search Swells

Interest in a better and integrated desktop search product is swelling, and it may add a new dimension to the features that end-users demand. According to IDC, software vendors must decide whether desktop search should be a standalone product or a necessary feature.

Yahoo Preparing To Enter Desktop Search Too

When dealing with Internet technologies, following trends seems to be the norm. What one company does successfully, the others will probably mimic in some shape or form. With this in mind, Yahoo has also announced that they too will be releasing a desktop search utility in the near future.

How to Search Your PC with Google Desktop

In this era of Internet, most people are frequent users of computers. Many of us use computers through out the day, accumulating morasses of information in various formats, which include email, digital photo, word document, spreadsheet, presentation file, ebook, article, other downloaded files, music, visited web pages, and many others. We stuff them in multiple folders in our PC. Before we know it, our hard drives become a storeroom of misplaced items. As a result, finding a needed file of information some times become a daunting task!

Google Desktop Search Coming To Mac

With the successful launch of their Desktop Search utility for Windows machines complete, Google has set their sites on bringing these same capabilities to the Mac community. This indicates a Mac version of Google Desktop Search is forthcoming.

Google Spyware? Bad Guys & Spies Using Google Desktop Search
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I suppose I was naive when I cheered the new Google Desktop Search tool thinking it was ONLY a great way to help ease my computer info-glut and help organize my hundreds of hard-drive stored documents, emails and files. It seems that now I have to worry about how bad guys and busybodies will use it to spy on me!

WebProNews In The Blogs
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On any given day, WebProNews content is discussed in the blogoshphere. What content are they linking to.

Anti-spam Company Fills Googe Desktop Search’s Gaps

In response to growing security concerns among professional and business email users, anti-spam service provider OnlyMyEmail.com has now enabled Secured Sockets Layer (SSL encryption) for all of their WebMail clients.