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Which Desktop Search Tool Is The Best?
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While the search industry continues to evolve, an area that’s received a great deal of focus has to do with creating a successful desktop search tool. This mentality has led to a proliferation of desktop search (DTS) tools. Because of this, knowing which one is better can be a best-guess/trial-and-error scenario until now.

Longhorn Wants You to Organize, Not Search

Apparently Microsoft has decided to take a different approach for finding stuff on your desktop in Longhorn, the next Windows operating system, due in 2006.

Googles New My Search History
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Google has just added the biggest risk to your searching privacy to date-the new My Search History feature. It’s a cool thing …

Hitachi To Produce 1 Terabyte Desktop Drives

Hitachi’s division of storage technologies, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, is expected to announce they will begin selling 1-terabyte desktop drives later this year.

Copernic Desktop Search Version 1.5 Officially Released

Copernic announced today the official launch of its new and improved desktop search product, Copernic Desktop Search version 1.5.

Looking at Desktop Search

The Washington Post is running a story on the various DTS apps available. They seem to favor Google and MSN above the others, but the point I found most interesting was this…

Keeping Private Matters Private in Google Desktop Search

Google Desktop Search is a great tool-if you’ve got nothing to hide on your computer from anyone else who might sit down and do a search-innocently or not.

Google Desktop Search Officially Released

A couple of days ago, Google broght its desktop search utility out of the beta stage for an official release.

Desktop Search Engine From T-Online?

According to posters at WebmasterWorld, T-Online is getting ready to launch their own desktop search engine, using Copernic technology.

Hello Google Desktop Search, Goodbye Yahoo Desktop Search

Finally there’s a desktop search product that’s actually useful to me: Google Desktop. I had tried the previous version of GDS a bit …

Remove Rogue Desktop Icons Created By Spyware
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If you have used a Windows machine for a while, whether it’s Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows 98, you’re sure to have noticed desktop icons appearing from out of nowhere. How can icons mysteriously emerge on your Windows desktop?

Google Brings Desktop Search Out Of Beta

There is a running joke about how Google never brings any of their innovations out of the beta stage. The thinking is, if something breaks, Google can always say it was still in beta testing.

Google Desktop SDK Opens Up Possibilities

With the potential ability to integrate the capability of Google search into any number of applications, the release of the GDS SDK has caused a noticeable stir.

Copernic Updates Desktop Search Utility

Copernic, considered one of the pioneers of desktop search, has announced an update to their utility, taking CDS up to version 1.5.

CNET to Launch Web-Based RSS Reader

As far as I know this is an exclusive. CNET News.com is launching a Web-based RSS news aggregator called Newsburst.

Apple Mac’s Spotlight May Be Holy Grail of Desktop Search

I’ve been speaking to some journalists about desktop search and they all want to know what desktop search means for the search engines.

Apple Aims to Take Desktop Search Crown

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has fired a warning shot across the bow of Google and MSN, claiming that the new desktop search product for the Mac, named Spotlight, will be an industry leader.

Can Desktop Search Find Profits for the Search Engines?

Gary points to an article by Ben Elgin of Business Week. He takes a look at the recent desktop search offerings and closes with some ideas about how the search engines can make some money from desktop searches.

Yahoo Desktop Search Superior To Google & MSN
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Late yesterday, Yahoo announced the launch of their desktop search application that will compete directly with offerings from Google and MSN. At first glance, YDS appears superior in features and performance to Google and MSN desktop search apps.

I’ll Pass On Yahoo Desktop Search

Another entrant into the crowded desktop search market debuts today – Yahoo Desktop Search, available in beta for download now.

Back to Copernic Desktop Search

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been using the new MSN Toolbar Suite of search tools since it was released.