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Google Introduces Sidebar Plug-ins

It seems as if Internet companies, especially search engines, are releasing utilities that allow users to “mod” them (develop 3rd party add-on widgets) by using software development kits (SDK) and application programming interfaces (API).

Windows of Opportunity For Google

Google has launched version 2.0 of Google Desktop, the free software that lets you do a load of things from your PC in addition to searching for files.

Google Desktop Beta Gets A Sidebar

An updated beta version of the Google Desktop search tool has a new look and a new module to gather web content.

Google Releases Desktop 2
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Google has released a new version of its desktop search product, now called Google Desktop 2, and now back in beta. The big difference in this new version is a sidebar which goes on the side of your desktop and gives you access to your Gmail, news, weather, photos (not from Picasa, but folders and RSS feeds), stock quotes, RSS headlines (or Web Clips), a Scratch Pad (for quick note-taking) and a Quick View list for web pages and files you use often.

The RSS Debate: Whats in a name?

RSS. It is exactly the sound a match makes when you put it out with your fingers. Add “feed” (rssfeed), and you have the cymbalist’s drum roll finale. Even with the name’s limitations, RSS developer David Winer’s righteous anger toward those who would change it is understandable. After all, what if all things “rubenesque” were suddenly referred to as “fatgirlish?” To an artist or creator, that’s heresy.

Copernic Desktop Search Available

Version 1.6, recently out of beta testing, can search the desktop from its toolbar on Internet Explorer.

Copernic Adds To Desktop Search

As more and more people start to use Firefox rather than Microsoft Internet Explorer, more and more companies are starting to cater to them.

Golf and Agent Desktop Search!

The slogan “Golf – Is it in you?” would fit very nicely in the hallowed portals of the Golf Hall of Fame.

MSN Search Team Coming On Strong

You know, I give MSN Search a lot of crap. We all know it’s behind Google, right? And it’s even behind Yahoo too.

Yahoo Updates Desktop Search Utility

While the desktop search craze (if there really was one) may have subsided some, that doesn’t mean developers are going to stop improving their product.

Google Launches Enterprise Desktop Search – For Free

Google has released the Enterprise version of Google Desktop Search, and its surprisingly free. Surprising, perhaps, only to me, as I figured Google would charge for it.

Google Bundling Desktop Utilities With WinZip

BetaNews reports that Google has struck a deal to bundle some of its utilities with WinZip, the popular compression software. The lead says it all…

Copernic Wins Best Desktop Search Award From PC World

With the major search engine players having introduced their versions of desktop search utilities, the interest in desktop search seems to have waned. However, just because the desktop search craze may have crested, that does not mean quality products aren’t still out there.

Google Desktop Search Becomes Multi-Lingual

Google, long a supporter of international languages, is quite adamant about developing multi-lingual services in order to facilitate world-wide Google adoption.

SEO Wars Rage on with Googles New Search For Enterprise

Search engines, the current frontier. These are the voyages of the Google Desktop Search for Enterprise . It’s latest mission, to explore strange emails, to seek out new Lotus Notes and new spreadsheets, to boldly go where no search tool has gone before.

Google Seizes Desktop Search Advantage

By supporting searches of Lotus Notes documents, Google gains access to around 100 million more users than Microsoft.

Intel Desktop PC Platform Seeks More Corporate Business

A slate of new features for corporate desktop users will be in a new platform available later this month.

Google Launches Enterprise Desktop Search

The latest offering from the Mountain View-based search company trumps Microsoft’s recent enterprise search announcement.

New Plug-Ins Increase Functionality of Google Desktop Search

Becuase Google was smart enough to release the software development kit for their desktop search utility, increasing the functionality of GDS is not too difficult.

Microsoft’s Desktop Search Released To Keep Up With Competition

Microsoft has officially launched its desktop search product designed to allow users to seamlessly find documents and files on their hard drive and the Internet.

Microsoft Enters Desktop Search Fray

In yet another front in the desktop wars, MSN takes on Google and Yahoo with a new search tool.