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Google Desktop Vs. Corporate IT

Silicon.com takes a look at some corporate IT departments that are worried about employees installing the latest version of Google Desktop Search on their systems.

Google Answers Enterprise Desktop Concerns

After Gartner Research published the opinion that Google Desktop users in a business setting should use the Enterprise version of the product, Google released an updated edition of that product.

Web Applications vs Desktop Applications

There has been a long running debate about web applications replacing desktop software applications.

Gartner Warns Firms On Google Desktop

The research company thinks that corporations should utilize the Enterprise version of Google Desktop if they permit the product in their operations.

Privacy Experts Advice Against Google Desktop 3

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, go-to guys for legal issues in Web 2.0, have recommended against using the latest version of Google Desktop.

Google Desktop Does Cross-PC Search

One new feature in the latest version of Google’s information-laden Desktop product will get a lot of attention from users in the wake of Google’s fight with the Department of Justice over user privacy and trade secrets.

New Google Desktop Released

Nathan has detailed screenshots of the new features offered in Google Desktop 3.

New Version Of Google Desktop Released

Google has released a new version of its desktop search / sidebar suite. Google Desktop 3 has some cool new features:

Google In Denial Over Desktop OS

A few hours after denying it had any intention to acquire the Napster digital music service, Google’s PR legions were called upon again, this time to disavow the Goobuntu talk.

Google Forcing Desktop Download?

This must be a glitch at Google. Search for anything with Google and it will not let you navigate beyond the first page of results.

Google Pack – A User Data Bonanza
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I noticed this morning a link on Google’s home page to Google Pack, a collection of “essentials to make your PC just work.”

Do You Use Desktop Blogging Software?

Desktop blogging software allows you to open up an application on your computer, connect to your blog and write from the comforts of your desktop.

Google Likes Healthy Desktop Plugins

Developers who have a truly great idea for a plugin for Google’s Desktop product need to keep an eye on their Ps and Qs when doing their QA work.

Google Desktop Slams Door On IE Flaw

While users of Internet Explorer still have to be concerned about CSS exploits affecting a newly-discovered problem with the browser, Google Desktop is no longer open to attacks via that flaw.

IE Extends Google Desktop To Cracking

A flaw with Internet Explorer’s handling of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) could lead to information theft from Google Desktop and other programs.

Blinkx, Times Online UK Offer Desktop Search

The PC desktop search utility gets another entrant to the field, as video search company Blinkx has partnered with the Times Online to present the Desktop Smart Search service.

Microsoft Deploys Enterprise Desktop Search

Chasing Google on the business PC, Microsoft has updated its Windows Desktop Search product with support for installation via System Management Server.

Google Desktop 2 Sheds Beta Label

The search engine company’s information utility has become an official Google product, and goes out the door with a few enhancements to celebrate its post-beta status.

IBM Using Google Desktop Search With OmniFind

Corporate desktops using IBM’s OmniFind to sift through business data will get a boost as Big Blue integrates Google’s desktop product technology.

Yahoo Desktop Search Leaves Beta

Yahoo has added the contextual Live Words web search feature to “automagically” find relevant results.

MS Desktop Search Gets Smart

Information overload is driving everybody to offer ways of organizing the blog explosion and constant news generation. Adding to the recent deluge of better ways to keep news junkies from being buried in bookmarks, is Viapoint’s Microsoft Desktop Search adapter. The adapter creates virtual folders to aid in organizing files, emails, news and blog content.