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Official Windows Mobile Daylight Savings Patch

Microsoft has capitulated to a lot of annoyed and loud customers, releasing a patch for Windows Mobile that fixes the Daylight Saving Time issue. Microsoft is doing this despite the fact that it has always been the responsibility of device makers, they weren’t going to let those companies screw their customers and mess up Outlook Mobile.

Ten Google Myths Banished

Myths can figure prominently in culture, religion, and entertainment, but most corporations would likely prefer to remain uninvolved. After all, accountants’ spreadsheets just aren’t that compatible with non-factual information. Google probably appreciates it, then, that Ionut Alex. Chitu set about dispelling the top 10 “Google Myths.”

Adobe’s Apollo to Ease Desktop Development?

In early 2005, when Adobe announced an agreement to acquire Macromedia, creative professionals released a collective gasp. Many worried about a creative software monopoly, others pondered the fate of competing applications (GoLive versus Dreamweaver, Freehand versus Illustrator, etc), and some dreamed of what offspring may come of this union.

The Never Ending Spam War

If you’ve noticed a sudden upsurge in spam email in the UK recently, offering sex, stock tips, genuine fake Rolexes and the usual pharmacopia, it could be the result of criminal gangs using hijacked computers, says a Reuters report

Vista Ultimate Extras

One of the major unanswered questions about Windows Vista is what exactly Vista’s Ultimate Extras will be.

MacBook Pro Laptops 39% Faster With Core 2 Duo

Apple updated its flagship MacBook Pro notebooks with Intel Core 2 Duo processors today, claiming an enormous leap in performance over the previous generation.

Copernic Desktop Search Is A Must-Have

I installed Copernic Desktop Search on one of my laptops recently. I previously had tried Google Desktop but uninstalled it after a week.

Low Cost Alternative to Web Meetings

If you do web meetings with any regularity, you may want to give Central Desktop Live a try.

New Version Of Windows Live Mail Desktop

The Windows Live Mail Desktop team has released a new version.

Perl Coders Get New GTK+ Release

Programmers on Perl and other languages can take advantage of the latest stable release of the GTK+ toolkit to facilitate rapid application development.

Google Desktop Breaks The Internet?

No one wants to have to say, “My Internet broke.” When this phrase is uttered, the source of the problem (assuming it’s not the user) becomes the object of much ill will and quite a few uncouth words. Now Google, the former “do no evil” company, is hinting that uninstalling one of its products may “break” your Internet.

Podcasting Desktop Radio

Remember when desktop publishing was the next big thing? (Of course not, you’d have to be my age and remember when certain rock formations were born.)

Google’s Desktop Offensive?

Wow, it’s amazing how, adding a “question mark” to the title of BusinessWeek’s recap of Google’s new product launch, changes the entire meaning, while still remaining strangely relevant. :-)

New Google Desktop Features Google Gadgets
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SEW has details of a new beta version of Google Desktop just announced.

Download Windows Live Mail Desktop
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A moderator at MSGShit has put up a download of Windows Live Mail Desktop, the closed beta desktop client for accessing Hotmail accounts.

Ups and Downs with Offline Blog Editors

Upward movement with new beta versions of a couple of offline blog editors I’m trying out:

Newsgator Upgrades Outlook, Desktop, Online Clients

Newsgator is on a roll lately. They are working on a series of upgrades to their terrific online product.

Google Shares Reader, Globalizes Desktop

A pair of Google’s products recently received tweaks to make them more useful to their users, with the ability to share lists from Google Reader, and enterprise and new language options for Google Desktop.

Google Desktop Leaves Beta

The latest version of Google Desktop Search (the one with the evil “your data on Google’s servers” feature, paranoid ass) has left beta.

jux2 Desktop Search Widget

It looks like the meta search engine jux2 has added a desktop search widget so you can do a combined search on Google, Yahoo and MSN without going to your browser.

How To Reindex Google Desktop?

This one kind of surprises me. Turns out there’s one glaring omission in Google Desktop: It doesn’t notice when you move a file.