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Wide vs. Narrow Design – The Screen Resolution War

One of the first and most critical decisions web and user interface (UI) designers must face when designing for a fixed screen resolution is whether to design for the classic, narrow screen resolution of 800×600 pixels or the newer, now-more-commonplace resolution of 1024×768 pixels (and above).

Advertisers Neglecting New King Of All Media
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The Web as an advertising medium is vastly underexploited in light of a unique new study revealing that Web usage dominates all other media in daily use. Additionally, the study found, chronic Web surfers tend to spend more freely than TV watchers.

Executive Blog vs. Executive Blog Roll

BusinessWeek’s Bruce Nussbaum points out the next best thing to an executive blogging-an executive actively reading blogs.

Is that a Monkey in Your Trunk?

Ads featuring monkeys may be deemed a tired gimmick, but I think Suburban Auto Group’s Trunk Monkey ads offer a fresh spin on the classic animal approach.

Web 2.0: Call It What You Will

The latest meme is trying to erase “Web 2.0” from our vernacular.

Design: How Does the User Benefit?

Who do you focus on when designing your website? Your company or the customer?

Flash Cannes Make Filmmakers Better

As part of the 2006 Cannes Film Festival in France, Adobe will pair student filmmakers with professionals to create documentaries on their Cannes experiences.

Yahoo Rolls Out New Look

Users of Internet Explorer 6 (but not 7) and Firefox 1.5 should now see the redesigned Yahoo homepage in those web browsers.

Building a Website That Will Attract Customers

So, what makes a good website? Well, the bottom line is “anything that gets in the way of what customers need is bad design however nice it looks”.

Missing Children Gain Awareness on Flickr

Yeah, I’ve got Flickr on the brain, but this is an important post. MIT Advertising Lab points us to the best use of Flickr yet.

Website Accessibility – Proper Navigation

A very important point to consider while designing a website is proper navigation.

Tony Snow and Jonathan Schwartz

Drama! A journo joins the White House full-time and a well-deserved promotion creates the first Fortune 500 CEO blog.

An Objective Look at Table Based vs. CSS Based Design

Over the years there have been many great articles extolling the virtues of CSS based design and bemoaning table based design.

Custom Web Site Design or Website Templates – The Big Debate

A lot of custom web site designers are really critical of commercial website templates. I have seen snide comments on Forums and Blogs along the lines of ‘This site has template written all over it’.

Tables – You Can Still Use Them in Web Design

Scarcely a week goes by without a post in a web design forum somewhere on the lines of ..”how do I do this in css” or “..how do I replace this table with css”.

Do You Really Own Your Web Site? Maybe Not

Here are some important tips for you to remember and some questions to ask your web site design or development company.

Intuitive Software Design: The gift that keeps on giving

Since the beginning of computers and software development, the user has wanted ease of use and an intuitive interface.

Redesigning: How Often Is Too Often?

You’ve all seen it on some websites. They completely overhaul the look of the website every other month. Or at least it seems that way.

Using Animation & Rich Media In Web Design

The use of special effects on web pages has literally exploded. Special effects are used either to draw potential client’s attention to a web site or to show off technical expertise.

Mobile Marketing Revs Up

One sure sign of summer is the up tick in mobile marketing news. The latest is from the Delaware News Journal.

Can Your Web Site Design Win an Award?

At some point or another, you’ve likely come across a website or two that boasts (among other things) the winning of an award for its web design.