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#Mintthecoin Campaign Proposes Trillion Dollar Coin As A Solution To The Debt Ceiling

#Mintthecoin is a simple Twitter hashtag campaign – it’s asking the government to mint a platinum coin worth $1 trillion. This coin would then be deposited at the Federal Reserve to avert the debt ceiling that now looms on the horizon. Would it work? It’s hard to say, but plenty of people think it will. For starters, there’s already one …

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Dept. of Treasury Mobile App Contest Taps Facebook, Google Employees To Judge

The U.S. Department of Treasury is sponsoring a mobile app contest, all in the hopes that some citizen ideas will “allow consumers to search for and access financial products on demand, manage their finances, and set and stick to financial goals.” It’s called the MyMoneyAppUp Challenge, and it’s actually comprised of two separate but parallel contests that both ask for …

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