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Denver Nuggets Mascot Passes Out While Being Lowered to Arena [IMAGES]

The mascot for the Denver Nuggets gave fans quite a scare on Friday night. During the pre-game festivities, mascot Rocky was being lowered onto the court as part of a stunt, but it was quickly obvious that something was wrong as his seemingly lifeless body descended. After Rocky was lowered to the floor, he slumped over. Officials for the Denver …

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Ex-NBA Player Banned After Choking Incident

Renaldo Balkman, a former player for the NBA‘s New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets, has been banned from the Philippine Basketball Association following an on-court incident. According to a Reuters report, Balkman placed his hands around his teammate Arwind Santos’ neck as Santos tried to restrain Balkman’s anger over a disputed call. In addition to the lifetime ban, the report …

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Denver Nuggets Force Game 7, Twitter Reacts

While the pre-game shenanigans were pushing the “could this be Kobe Bryant’s ‘flu game?’” angle, in their never-ending quest to further the inexplicable Kobe/Michael Jordan comparisons–like Mike, Kobe also had flu-like ailments, although he didn’t need his teammates to help him off the court during timeouts. The comparisons don’t end there, either, seeing how Jordan actually won his flu game, …

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