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Average Age Of The UK’s Internet Population Increases
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The stereotypical Internet user used to be a young male, and that still, to be honest, remains somewhat appropriate.  But new statistics reveal that the UK’s online population is increasingly made up of people over theAverage Age Of The UK's Internet Population Increases age of 55.

Searches For Cheap Gas (Sort Of) Unite Society

Gas prices aren’t as bad now as they have been in the past, but they’re certainly not good.  And as usual, search trends have mirrored real-life events, and queries for “cheap gas” and the like have skyrocketed.

Number Of Older (Online) Shoppers Surges

As the holiday season draws nearer, you’ll see them at malls and retail stores in increasing numbers: older people with long shopping lists.  But people at or over the age of 55 are increasingly likely to spend money online, too.

Nielsen to Provide Google TV Ad Demographics

Google has partnered with the Nielsen Company to help the search engine better understand the demographics of those who view its Google TV Ads, reports the NYT.

The multi-year deal will start of small, but will likely grow as Google expands beyond the rather limited network of just 13 million viewers provided by its partner DISH Network.

ComScore: 18-34 Males Receptive To UGC Ads

The always-desired marketing demographic of males aged 18-34 is pretty open to advertising on user-generated content sites.

Social Media – Target Demographics

Social targeting is quickly becoming a benchmark with advertisers and publishers… not because it is a key to the golden gates of marketing 101, but because online consumers are adopting search behaviors to understand where they will find like-minded people. This adoption curve is creating thriving and multiplying social circles that are interconnected on the basis of common interest.

A WebPro’s Guide To Dating Sites
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When I was 15, I successfully infiltrated a girls’ slumber party. In college, I took Interdisciplinary Approach to Dress at 8 am, and was, apparently, the only guy to think of it. Let’s just say that, early on, I had good grasp of the economic concept of scarcity. I’m not single these days, but if I were, Hitwise has told me the dating sites I would be frequenting.

AdWords Demographics One-Ups AdCenter

Google recently made demographic targeting for AdWords campaigns available for its marketers, who can use the feature to narrow the types of sites that display its advertising.

UK Newspaper Wants to Host Blogs

“We’re looking for people who want to keep a blog or online diary for the News & Star website”…

Online Media Changes Traditional Demographics

The latest entrant to the world of blogs by mainstream media made its debut yesterday …

Targeting Usage Demographics to Increase Paid Search Conversions

During conversations with web business professionals about pay-per-click search engines, “traffic volume” is always a hot topic. Over the last year or so, Google Adwords has emerged as the pay-per-click (PPC) search engine most enamored for driving “traffic volume”.

Yahoo vs. Google: Demographics

Following a PPC session at yesterday’s DMA/AIM net.marketing conference, two experts offered their insight into the search engine world.

Demographics : Who are you selling to?

You have a great product, fantastic website, financial backing, and the undeniable urge to succeed, but you are not making any money through your website. Why? The answer is you haven’t directed your product to the people who are looking to buy it.

Build Your Own Demographics

Chances are you do not get as much input from your visitors and subscribers as you would like. When people write and say nice things, it makes you feel great, but it does not provide grand insights. Those who have bad thoughts usually just unsubscribe or leave your site for good.

Turning Demographics Into Gold

Do you know who buys, or is likely to buy, your products, services, or information?

The Accuracy of Demographics

Demographics are often an important piece of information that an advertiser will want before purchasing an ad on a web site, however, there are some rarely discussed problems with the collection demographic information. There are several ways in which this statistical information can be collected, a few of which are discussed below.