Dell Articles

IdeaStorm – Will Lightning Strike?

I think it’s great that Dell has come out with IdeaStorm, a suggestion site inspired by Digg (and that inspiration is explicily admitted on the site, unlike Yahoo’s recently launched suggestion sites, which caused such a ruckus because they were supposedly a “ripoff” of Digg). And like Rob Hyndman, I think the name is great too.

FCC Petitioned By Google, MS, Dell, HP, Intel, Philips

Microsoft, Google, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Intel and Philips are petitioning the FCC to allow them to create a handheld internet device that uses vacated TV airwaves to establish wireless internet access.

I’m not exactly sure what the point is, except maybe to use all the now-useless TV rooftop antennas to create a new way of connecting homes to internet service providers, without laying tons of new cable. It’s all confusing, but the main thing is that a certain gadget blog embaressed themselves by prematurely assuming this was all about a Zune phone.

Play by Rules or Get Unwanted Attention

Whether the rules of any given social media space are written or unwritten, it is important for marketers and communicators entering these spaces to learn them.

What Should A Home Server Cost?

The big unanswered question with Windows Home Server is how much it’ll cost you to get one.

CES: The Coolest Thing

I think the coolest thing that many of the bloggers in the BlogHaus saw was the water show in front of the Bellagio tonight. Paul Mooney recorded it.

Bad PR – Dell But Not Apple?

I totally forgot about the amount of mainstream press that Jeff Jarvis’ generated against Dell when Dell’s customer service told him to “pound sand.”

Dell/Google Computers Surface

A deal between Google and Dell has finally come to fruition: some computer owners, after booting up for the first time, are being greeted by the phrase “Welcome to your new Dell PC – in partnership with Google.”

Online Holiday Sales Soar

Online spending continues to increase at a record breaking pace. Cyber Monday the first Monday after Thanksgiving saw online sales reach an all time high of $608 million. The record was short lived. Last Monday, December 4 online sales shot to $647 million according to comScore Networks. That is $39 million more in online spending than on Cyber Monday. It also marks a 26 percent increase over the same day from last year.

Dell’s Second Life Location

At the bottom of Dell Computers‘ home page, there’s a pull-down menu you can use to load a version of the home page in the language of your country.

Dell means business in Second Life

They want to be where people are gathering so it was an easy decision to make for Dell to go into Second Life.

Attention on Second Life

It’s coming thick and fast now – commentary and news on which business is doing what in Second Life.

Was Dick Egan Right?

I remember him telling me two things – first, there was no need for tape, that everything would be disk.

Dell Preparing For Quad Core

Dell has announced that they have developed to computers tat will be made for the quad-core Xeon (Clovertown) processor.

The New PR in London

Heading into London this afternoon for the Delivering The New PR conference tomorrow.

Enterprise 2.0 in a Box

A small dream of mine came true. We’ve been preaching an ecosystem of tools for some time now. We’ve helped customers stitch them together in interesting ways.

MacBook Pro Laptops 39% Faster With Core 2 Duo

Apple updated its flagship MacBook Pro notebooks with Intel Core 2 Duo processors today, claiming an enormous leap in performance over the previous generation.

Fiery Dell Forces Yahoo HQ Evacuation

A blazing Dell laptop forced workers at Yahoo to leave their workplace while firefighters responded to the scene.

Dells Reputation Tipping Point

All sorts of opinions are flying around about Dell’s recall of over four million laptop computer batteries announced Monday.

Heat Turned Up On Dell Over Notebooks

The now-famous footage of a Dell computer exploding in front of attendees at a Japanese conference has led to the revelation of many more overheating units causing the computer maker problems for a period of years.

Give Dell and one2one a Chance

So Dell’s getting a bit of a thrashing in the blogosphere following the launch last week of one2one, their first public blog.

Does Everyone Have it in for Dell?

Since others are saying this in a more measured, politically-correct fashion, let the client-side guy be clear.