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Google Gadget University Awards

Google handed out awards for the best Google Gadgets by college students.

Google Talk and AIM to Work Together?

Over a year ago, Google paid a billion dollars for a chunk of AOL, and probably the most exciting part of the deal was the announcement that Google Talk and AOL Instant Messenger would probable eventually connect to each other.

Google, Yahoo Up; MSFT, Ask Down

According to new comScore data, both Google and Yahoo have something to celebrate today, they each gained search engine market share – Google up 0.4% to 47.4%; Yahoo up 0.3% to 28.5%.

Microsoft Releasing Web Analytics Tool: Gastineau Microsoft Releasing Web Analytics Tool: Gastineau

Marshall Sponder turned me on to a post from Ian Thomas at Microsoft confirming the rumors that Microsoft is building a web analytics application code named Gastineau.

Make Your Content Del.icio.us

Del.icio.us is the most popular bookmarking service on the web. By getting on the Del.icio.us popular or hotlist page you could get thousands of visitors coming to your website within minutes.

Interview with Brett Crosby, Founder of Urchin

We recently had the opportunity to talk analytics with Google’s Brett Crosby.

Vista Business Sales Going Faster Than Expected

Sales of Windows Vista Business, considering the “soft launch” that only made it available through very specific business channels and lacked a major launch event, are higher than anyone thought they would be.

Did Gmail’s Spam Filtering Freak Out Recently?

While I’ve been a big fan of Gmail for a long time now (especially the spam filtering), earlier this week things really got bad.

Panama Sticks

Time to get out the Pam, Yahoo…

CES – Sands Expo Center Snapshots

CES continued to overload the senses forcing me to allocate my budget in 2007 to buy half of everything I saw once everything hits the market.

Social Networking in Healthcare

Was just sent a pointer to a solid article from the Wall Street Journal, “Social Networking Comes To Healthcare.”

Basic Tip for Getting High Value Links

Here is a nice post from Jennifer Laycock about Link Building as Relationship Building.

Search Marketing Class in NY

If you live in the New York city area, you might be interested in a three-hour crash course in search marketing I’m teaching at the Learning Annex this Tuesday evening.

Spammers Catch Wind of MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog is on so many popular blogs that it was just a matter of time before it started to be abused by spammers.

ASP.NET – Block IP Addresses from Your Site
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Recently, one of my readers asked me how to block certain IP addresses from accessing his ASP.NET website.

The Designertopia Conference from Microsoft

Hey have you ever heard of the Microsoft Designertopia Conference?

MySpace Passed By YouTube On Alexa

Now, no one’s going to suggest YouTube has passed MySpace to become the number one trafficked website on the internet (assuming MySpace is even that), but Google’s aquisition can claim one thing: #5 on Alexa’s rankings.

Cutts Confirms Page Rank Update

Matt Cutts has confirmed that there is a Google Page Rank update underway.

The iPhone Reality Sets In

I was much more excited about the iPhone yesterday than I am today. Why? Cause reality is setting in.

TypePad Menus (And Getting Rid of the Border)

Have been doing some development work for a business blogging customer of ours, and again need to send out mad props (that’s what the kids these days say, right?) to John T. Unger and his Typepad Hacks site.

Is AppleTV Xbox without the “X?”

Phil Waligora, who works at Microsoft, is watching Steve Jobs’ keynote (I’m not, but am trying to check in here and there) and calls me out, wondering if I’ll say the just announced AppleTV is innovative.