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Google Finally Provides Decent Backlink Data

Ever since Google stopped showing accurate backlink (aka incoming link) counts to websites webmasters and SEOs have been forced to turn to other, more accurate tools like Yahoo.

This hasn’t really been all that bad in my opinion but it is refreshing to hear that Google has finally launched a new backlinks analysis tool within Google Webmaster Central.

The Secret Linkbait Weapon You Never Knew About…

Making multi-part posts or articles is a fancy little trick for linkbaiting I bet you

Shouldn’t We Blog About The Weather?

Winter time brings plenty of concerns about the weather. The Weather Channel has a little widget to add to blogs, showing the weather for the location picked by the site publisher.

Hitwise: Google Takes Nearly 2/3 Of Search

It was just last May that Hitwise reported Google controlled about 47 percent of the search market. What a difference nine months make. According to Hitwise’s latest numbers, as of four days ago, Google captured 63 percent this month.

Technorati Foot-Shooting Again

So I saw Steve Rubel’s post about Technorati launching a new buzz-tracking, Digg-like thing and the first thing I thought was “WTF?”

Gubb – Great Web Based To Do and List Management
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Gubb likely just became a staple in my workflow management.

Topix.net, Tribune Partner On Classifieds
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Topix.net, a local search news Web site has partnered with Tribune Interactive to run their online classifieds for general merchandising advertising. The general merchandise classifieds will launch in February starting with the baltimoresun.com and will be available on all 12 Tribune Interactive sites by the end of May.

ASP.NET: Working with Query Strings
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In many cases we write our ASP.NET logic around query strings in order to show the right product page or what not.

Pondering a Google Project in Social Space

Google’s Niniane Wang is currently leading a team of Googlers to develop a new product in the social application space.

Virtual Property Auctions Nixed By eBay
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Since the dawn of EverQuest, the godfather of Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMORPGs), companies have turned a tidy profit from selling virtual items and currency that only exist within the game in exchange for real life cash.

Matt Cutts Talks About Changing Site Ranks

Matt Cutts had some time ago said that Google is doing data pushes every day which is resulting in changing of ranks.

Clients That Don’t Pay Their Bills

I’ve always heard horror stories of small business owners and clients who don’t pay their bills.

Google Groups – Out of Beta Again

So this PC World story covers the new version of Google Groups, which is now out of beta, which means little in the sense that beta users have been using this interface for months.

Google AdSense Ad Placement Channels

AdSense has a new feature that allows you to define ad placement channels for Google’s site targeting feature.

Google Running More Music Video Adsense Ads

Google has announced a second limited test run of its music video/AdSense program, distributing videos from Sony BMG and Warner Music that contain ads.

IBM’s Enterprise Social Networking Offerings

Big Blue has announced that they are working on a new product called “Lotus Connections,” which is targeted for a late 2007 release. From the IHT:

Amazon’s aStores

I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for awhile but hadn’t actually been using it.

Does Google See Sub Domains as Part of Main?

A WebmasterWorld thread reports that while searching with a site command at Google Search, Google returns results that may be sub domains.

BBC To Launch Virtual World For Children

The BBC has plans to launch an online virtual world geared toward children. The site will be for 7-12 year olds and allow users to go online and explore content that will feature animation, games, music, and videos.

Ultimate Guide – Building the Perfect Link

Small Business SEM has an excellent post titled Ultimate Guide to Building the Perfect Link.

Use Our APIs, We’ll Pimp Your Stuff

In Renkoo visits YDN (part 1) on the YDN blog, you can see the first in a two-part series about Renkoo and how they’re using various Yahoo! APIs in their service.