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AdCenter Labs Features New Toys

New tools at Microsoft’s adCenter allow people to forecast keyword impression counts and demographics, and to detect location details from a search query.

The Geographic Detection tool works in a straightforward manner. Submit a query with a prominent destination like a business or lankmark, and it can provide additional details

Google Kiosk in Indian Mall

Om Malik spotted this Google kiosk in a mall in western Delhi, India. Google knows there are a lot of people they want to hire in India, and they’ve figured there’s no better way to reach young, smart, potential engineers than at the mall.

Google Kiosk
Smart Card On The Money

SmartMetric, Inc a developer and manufacturer of advanced secure identity and transaction solutions has developed software that works with its biometric fingerprint card that allows a person to send money over the Internet from one card to another.

President and CEO of SmartMetric, Colin Hendrick said the peer-to-peer funds transfer or card-to-card money exchange will change the way money is handled. He went on to say that the fingerprint-activated card has the potential to revolutionize the way money is transmitted.

Social Photo Sharing and Stock Photography

Dan Heller’s Photography Business Blog: "In 2000, I wrote an article called, ‘The Five Truisms of the Photography Business’, and Truism #1 is ‘There are more people who have photography as a hobby than as a profession.’

Social Bookmarking Sites Shape Focus

There’s a great article over at WSJ.com called The Wizards of Buzz offering a compelling look at the world of social networking sites like Digg, Del.icio.us and Reddit.

FCC Petitioned By Google, MS, Dell, HP, Intel, Philips

Microsoft, Google, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Intel and Philips are petitioning the FCC to allow them to create a handheld internet device that uses vacated TV airwaves to establish wireless internet access.

I’m not exactly sure what the point is, except maybe to use all the now-useless TV rooftop antennas to create a new way of connecting homes to internet service providers, without laying tons of new cable. It’s all confusing, but the main thing is that a certain gadget blog embaressed themselves by prematurely assuming this was all about a Zune phone.

MSN Dutch Digg Clone Forgets Spam Protection

Recently (I honestly don’t know when), MSN launched a Digg clone in the Netherlands, called MSN reporter.

You can submit your story, and others can vote for it or against it. The top stories go to the MSN.nl homepage.

Now the boys at MSN haven’t really thought this through, as they store what stories you’ve voted on in… your cookie-jar!

Nick Wilson Returns To Salvage Performancing Deal

Yesterday I said that I noticed that performancing.com was dead and now going to some Louisville blog.

Identifying Sites with Poor Quality

WebmasterWorld has a nice thread going about 25 signals of crappy sites. Fribble starts the thread with the notion that we spend a lot of time looking for signals of quality. But it’s also useful to look at the inverse. It’s a pretty good list, and forum members chip in a few other good ideas.

Goldberg and Roback Leave Yahoo Music

Yahoo Music head David Goldberg is exiting the struggling division along with Music GM Robert Roback.

Goldberg has been one of the industry’s first and most vocal voices for dropping DRM in downloads. Yahoomusic_3

Is Google Shifting Site Targeting Program to CPC?

At least one panelist (David Szetela) on the Ad Program Strategies: Compare and Contrast panel here at SES London, argued that while he liked the control of Google’s Site Targeted flavour of content targeting, he wasn’t so fussy about the CPM-based pricing model.

Pheedo Takes RSS Feeds to Ads

Pheedo’s new FeedPowered advertising platform offers to take any RSS feed and turn it into a dynamically updated ad unit (see their site for live examples). Where can you run the ads?

You can run your FeedPowered ad on targeted sites across Pheedo’s network of publishers. Alternatively, you can distribute FeedPowered advertising into just about any ad network or via your preferred ad server.

Online Video – Complete Guide

Hat’s off to Read/WriteWeb for their outstanding compilation of companies in the online video space.

This is definitely something to go in your bookmarks, with info on:

  •   Video Sharing
  •   Intermediaries
  • Video Search
  • Video eCommerce
  • Video Editing & Creation
  •  Rich Media Advertising
Gray Shape on Google Maps

Does anyone know what this gray shape is doing on Google Maps (it’s at Monzelfeld near Bernkastel-Kues, in Germany)?

While it may look like censorship at first, it might also be just missing data, or be due to something entirely different.

SingingFish Hooked To AOL Video
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Redirection abounds at AOL, where they have taken a break from laying off people to rerouting visitors seeking SingingFish and Truveo to other sites.

WebSideStory’s Digital Marketing University

WebSideStory’s Digital Marketing University (DMU) is just around the corner in March – and I’m going to be teaching two classes this time. I’ll be doing a hands-on class on Functionalism – which I hope would be useful to almost any web analytics practitioner.

In addition, I’ll be doing a class on advanced Visitor Segmentation in Visual Science. That’s obviously a deep-dive class – and it should be a lot of fun.

Back to the Future (Beyond Web 2.0)

Last week, Nandor Fejer and Alison McNeill attended the Back to the Future – Beyond Web 2.0 event in Silicon Valley while I attended DEMO 07.


Jeremiah Owyang, Director of Corporate Media Strategy at Podtech.net

The Global Online World

The US currently has the largest Internet market in the world with 181.9 million Internet users in 2006, but China with 133.5 million users is set to surpass the US by the end of the decade. Japan trails with 87.2 million users followed by Germany with 39.4 million users and the UK round out the top five with 35.1 million Internet users.

Globally the number of Internet users is set to increase. Morgan Stanley projects that by the end of 2007 there will be over 1.3 billion Internet users worldwide.

YouTube Censors Religion Criticism?
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Outspoken atheist Nick Gisburne claims that the staff of Google-owned YouTube deleted his account simply because he posted a selection of Quran quotations, among other religious criticism. In a video he released on February 8th, he states:

Would You Miss Wikipedia?

Jason "I love SEO" Calacanis brings to light, news that Wikipedia has only enough funds to last 3-4 months. He believes that a few hard-core Wikipedians are being stubborn, by not considering advertising on the site.

Email Marketing And Web 2.0

Listrak, an email-marketing firm has added a feature that enables users to insert RSS feeds containing links to social bookmarking sites to their email marketing campaigns. The feature combines RSS and social bookmarking with email marketing software.

“Social bookmarking is quickly becoming a viable alternative to standard search engines,” says Ross Kramer, CEO of Listrak. “People are sharing information like never before, and the new social bookmarking feature allows our clients to seamlessly integrate this new technology.”