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Doctor Who “Time Of The Doctor” Deleted Scene

This year’s Christmas means time with family and friends to share in the joy of Christ’s birth. For Doctor Who fans, this year’s Christmas marks a new milestone in the show’s history, because it was Matt Smith’s final Doctor Who episode and introduced Peter Capaldi as the twelfth generation of the TARDIS-flying Doctor. The 2013 Doctor Who Christmas special “Time …

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Jar Jar Binks Dies In Deleted Star Wars Scene

WARNING – The video you see below contains the death of Jar Jar Binks. It’s highly disturbing to hear those final frantic Gungan screams of terror. Just think about what you’re celebrating for a moment, that is, if you’re happy for this made-up creature’s death. Yes, that’s a deleted scene that was edited by The Phantom Editor. Obi-wan and Qui-Gon Jinn, two …

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Benedict Cumberbatch’s Deleted Scene from Star Trek Into Darkness

Before he leaves the shores of the Star Trek franchise to takeover the upcoming Star Wars sequel, J.J. Abrams is having to do a little bit of damage control with his latest installment for the universe Gene Roddenberry created. The hubbub surrounds what is being deemed as a gratuitous shot of the striking Alice Eve while she was changing uniforms, …

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