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Delicious Adds Twitter Sharing

Delicious, or the artist formerly known as, announced today that they are integrating Twitter into their services. The move announced today on the Delicious blog will give users the option of connecting their Delicious and Twitter accounts together. This will allow users to save any links they tweet, retweet or favorite on Twitter to be added to their Delicious …

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A Delicious New Add-On For IE

Users of Microsoft Internet Explorer, and social bookmarking now have a new add-on to enjoy.

Nick Nguyen, senior product manager of announced on the blog the release of the "Delicious Bookmarks" add-on that brings with it features from the Firefox add-on, plus some new stuff.

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Microsoft Preparing Release Of Social Bookmarks

However this new product turns out, Microsoft at least deserves a hand for not making its name irrelevant or unwieldy.  As for the turning-out part, Social Bookmarks should be shown off for the first time this week.

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Point and laugh if you must, but a lot of people still use Internet Explorer as their main browser. users are no exception, and a new bookmarks extension will cater to this crowd.

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Facebook Offers To Share Info From Flickr,

Think your friends don’t know enough about you already?  Facebook’s got a fix; the social network now allows users to import stories from other sites.

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Feed Optimization Tip: Don’t Forget FeedFlare

FeedBurner is the only service (that I know of) that will re-publish a blogs feed in order to get feed stats. Being such a great service, many users use it only to figure out how many readers their blogs have.

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Search: vs. Google

I’m not sure if Rand was hoping to start a debate on this (if he did, it’s crafty linkbait) but he’s making the claim that the search results at are better than those of Google.

Here are some of the examples Rand gives…

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Make Your Content is the most popular bookmarking service on the web. By getting on the popular or hotlist page you could get thousands of visitors coming to your website within minutes.

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Orchard Plants Himself At

Les Orchard, author of “Hacking,” has been in the process of making his way to Silicon Valley, where he will work for the Yahoo-owned Delicious bookmarking service.

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Some new additions to the Delicious bookmarking service, now owned by Yahoo, has incorporated a couple of new features for its users.

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So I have stumbled upon something quite wonderful on the web, my little hidden gem if you will, although it’s not that hidden anymore.

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Tired: Sharing; New Hotness: Privacy

From to Google, the concept of sharing even the most detached information one generates willingly or unwillingly has far less appeal than the concept of privacy.

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Delicious has quietly rolled out a redesign to their URL pages that offers some pretty rich information such as the URL’s bookmarking history, user notes, common tags and more.

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Digg, Delicious, Blogs: All About Traffic

Through the formidable power of and the server-crushing force of Digg, you too can take your Blog*Spot blog from the M-list to the A-list.

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