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Link Directly To Any Moment in a YouTube Video
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YouTube announced today that it has implemented the ability to jump straight to any point in a video by simply adding a few extra characters at the end of the video’s URL. The YouTube Team explains on the official blog:

To create a deep link, append the following to the end of a YouTube video URL: #t=1m15s. This says to link to the time 1:15 – you can replace the numbers before the ‘m’ and the ‘s’ with anything you like.

Deep Linking Issues Return As Music Lawsuit Hits Baidu, Sohu
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Chinese search engines Baidu and Sohu face millions in penalties as Sony BMG, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music demand satisfaction over links to songs controlled by the labels.

Deep Linking Within The First 200 Characters

Not many people realize the power of deep linking into your own site within the first paragraph of your blog post, article, PR release, etc.