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NASA: Deep Impact Spacecraft Officially Dead

Earlier this month, NASA revealed that its scientists and engineers were still attempting to contact the Deep Impact spacecraft. Contact with the probe was lost in early August, and researchers now believe Deep Impact suffered a software glitch, causing its computers to constantly reboot. With the spacecraft unable to control its attitude, NASA’s attempts to contact the probe were made …

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NASA Still Trying to Contact Lost Deep Impact Spacecraft

NASA today provided a brief update about the Deep Impact spacecraft, which the agency has lost contact with. NASA scientists and engineers are still attempting to contact the probe, but have had no success. Just over one month ago, on August 8, NASA lost contact with the Deep Impact spacecraft. The agency now believes that the probe’s software has glitched, …

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Comet ISON Spotted by NASA’s Deep Impact

NASA‘s Deep Impact spacecraft has snapped several images of the comet ISON (C/2012 S1). The images were obtained over 36 hours on January 17 and 18, from a distance of 793 million km (493 million miles). The comet is expected to come within 1.8 million km (1.1 million miles) of the sun and burn bright enough to be seen from …

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