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Federal Student Loans Are Choking People

Here is a startling statistic that you may not be aware of. Outstanding student loans have surpassed credit card debt in this country. They stand at $1 Trillion. The Federal Reserve has determined that this level of debt keeps borrowers from buying homes, saving for retirement, and engaging in consumption that helps drive a healthy economy. Senator Elizabeth Warren argues …

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Debt Consolidation Can Help Those Burdened By Student Loans

Debt consolidation isn’t a term you hear all that often outside of financial circles. After all, why would a young student have to worry about lumping their debt together? For the student with thousands of dollars in debt across different loans, debt consolidation may just be the way to go. As students graduate from college, they’re more than likely to …

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Debt Consolidation: Beware of Student Loan Scams

It seems that just about everyone has student loan debt at one time in their lives, and as far as debt is concerned, that seems to be the kind that holds on the longest. If you’re having trouble paying down your student loans, debt consolidation is sometimes the way to go. Wrapping several loans into one can make the payment …

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