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Struck the Sponsored Links Nerve, Did I?

Well, judging by the reaction to my sponsored links post I’ve struck a nerve. And I have to say, it feels like there’s a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of FUD out there. I’m still trying to digest everything. But so far I’ve found that there are at least three sides to this issue.

Revisiting the PR Licensing Debate

There’s a debate in PR circles-a decades-old debate-that centers around whether PR practitioners should be licensed.

Name Change For Google Print

Feeling that the name would cause confusion, the folks in charge of the Google Print program have changed the name of the program to Google Book Search.

Google Versus Microsoft: In House Debate

One of the biggest debates in this business right now is comparisons between Google and Microsoft. Bill Gates was recently quoted as saying Google is “more like us than anyone else we have ever competed with.”

The RSS Debate: Whats in a name?

RSS. It is exactly the sound a match makes when you put it out with your fingers. Add “feed” (rssfeed), and you have the cymbalist’s drum roll finale. Even with the name’s limitations, RSS developer David Winer’s righteous anger toward those who would change it is understandable. After all, what if all things “rubenesque” were suddenly referred to as “fatgirlish?” To an artist or creator, that’s heresy.

The Copyright Debate and RSS

RSS is commonly defined as really simple syndication. So, this means that any material contained in a feed is available for syndication, right? Well no, not exactly.

The Age Old Debate – Excerpts of Full Posts in RSS Feeds

Marketing Sherpa has a good post with 7 tips on podcasthing, RSS and blogging that might be of interest to readers.

GlaxoSmithKline Blogs About Health to Stimulate Debate

GlaxoSmithKline, the pharmaceutical company headquartered in the UK, is blogging. More specifically it’s GSK Laboratory in France (of course) that has started Avenir de la Sant.

Kansas Debate Over Evolution Vs. Intelligent Design

The state of Kansas is preparing to debate Darwin’s theory of evolution and a current variant on creationism called intelligent design. When Darwin cruised on the Beagle all those years ago, one wonders if he foresaw such controversy lasting so many years. Things really came to a head though during the Scopes Monkey Trial.

Character Blogs are a Complete Waste of Time

I have been holding back on this for awhile, but it’s now time for me to unload. I’m sorry, but I believe character blogs are a complete waste.

The Blog VS. Journalism Debate Continues

San Jose State University journalism professor Richard Craig jumps into the blogs-vs.-journalism debate with a well-reasoned op-ed piece appearing in today’s San Jose Mercury News. Craig wins points by noting the whole debate is specious, but goes on to explain why.

Blog Talk: Transparency Leads To Genuine Debate

A thoughtful view on what the role of a blog sponsored and supported by the World Economic Forum should be and how the blog should develop …

Hitachi’s Virtualization Up for Debate

Hitachi Data Systems is virtualizing all EMC Symmetrix systems with its TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform.

MBA Launches Blogger Legal Defense Project

As bloggers increasingly face the ire of corporate lawsuits (witness Apple’s recent maneuvers) and until the courts set a precedent, there is an opportunity for the legal community to rally to assist bloggers in defending themselves.

Google Clarifies: No AdSense In Email
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Contrary to the interpretation of some forum and blog posters, Google AdSense terms and conditions does currently forbid the use of AdSense ads in email.

The Link Building vs. Content SEO Debate

The link building vs. content seo debate is still raging in the forums. John Scott, a staunch advocate of link building, keeps the thread hopping with his beliefs that, for competitive search terms, links are the only way to top rankings.

The Great Debate: Best-of-Breed versus Multi-Function CRM Suites
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An interview by Carol Parenzan Smalley, Managing Editor, CRMGuru

Which CRM solution to buy? One that touts itself as best-of-breed (specific application such as sales or marketing) or one claiming to do it all? Ask any two people and you are sure to get three different answers. To begin our discussion among colleagues, let me introduce two leaders from both sides of the issue. After you read their words, be sure to share a few of your own.

Text vs Pictures: Shedding Light on the Debate

What’s more important to your web site: pictures or text? If you have an ecommerce web site, you need the answer to that question. Your profits depend on it.

The Great Debate: Text vs. HTML Email Messages
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Some newsletter publishers swear that HTML messages are the only way to go. Others swear by the virtues of simple text. Although newsletters were “traditionally” published as text only, HTML newsletters are on the rise — and it helps, too, that most email software these days is capable of displaying HTML messages.

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