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Fair Isaac Enters Click Fraud Debate

A study of click fraud by Fair Isaac found 10 to 15 percent of ad traffic is “pathological,” and is more of a problem than companies like Google and Yahoo want to admit.

The Paid Link Reporting Debate
What’s good for the Goose isn’t Good for Google?

NBC Denies YouTube Debate Requests

NBC’s still being stubborn about allowing its footage of the Presidential debates to be put in the public domain or licensed under Creative Commons, effectively letting the more passionately patriotic online citizenry share and remix for video sites like YouTube.

A Debate Over Google’s Power

In my May Biznology newsletter, I took issue with those who believe Google is too powerful. I don’t think Google controls as much as what Microsoft does and nowhere near what IBM did back in the 1970s. Marshall Sponder disagrees.

Google’s Love Affair with Wikipedia

Much has been said about Google algorithmic favoritism for Wikipedia. I was working on a project this weekend about celebrities, and wikipedia’s dominance in the SERP’s was nothing less than astounding.

More on the Great comScore Debate
I’ve gotten several comments on my comScore post – and because the issue is so topical I wanted to post directly about my thoughts regarding them.

comScore – The Great Debate
By now, nearly everyone in the web analytics community is abuzz over the recent release by comScore of a study on cookie deletion rates. comScore tracked a specific web site (advertised as a portal) and one 3rd Party Ad Serving network against a panel of 400,000 users. During the study, comScore measured how often the 1st Party cookies (issued by the portal) and the 3rd Party cookies (issued by an Ad Serving Network) were deleted and replaced. The results can fairly be described as startling in several respects.

Spock Opening New Privacy Debate?

Last night in the hallway I heard about Spock, a new personal search service that will get turned on next week at the Web 2.0 Expo. I heard that TechCrunch will have a preview of the service soon, maybe even later today.

But, the person telling me this was alarmed at how much easier it was to troll through someone’s personal history than it is on Google or other search engines.

Gord on the Great K-Fed Debate

My SearchInsider column last week took exception with K-Fed launching his own search engine. Actually, I take exception with the entire concept of K-Fed that but that’s another point.

In today’s SearchInsider, David Berkowitz retorts, rebukes and refutes my negativity around all things Federline, saying that the K-Fed engine shows that search is ubiquitous, search is evolving and search shouldn’t be always all business, no fun. Ultimately he says let the market decide whether a Kevin Federline engine is a good idea or not. Hard to refute that point.

Blogger Death Threats
For the past year or two, bloggers have put up with mainstream media articles that suggest we’re nothing but a crazed online lynch mob looking for trouble.

Well, the focus is about to shift somewhat, as it appears those that comment on blogs are starting to wield an unhealthy amount of power. I’m not talking about the average blog commentator – who provides value, even with criticism – I’m talking about the disturbing news that some high-profile bloggers are starting to receive death threats.

SEO (Publish or Perish?)

Rand Fishkin recently put up a post titled: Wasting Time or Clearly Incompetent – The SEO Consulting Debate. In it Rand refers to a post by Brian Provost at ScoreBoard Media Group titled: The First Question You Should Ask Your SEO Consultant. Brian has since published an update titled: Attack of the SEOmoz Clones: More Thoughts On SEO Consulting.

Windows Vista vs. OSX Debate

OK, if you like short videos you won’t like these. Move along. Click “J” if you’re using Google Reader.

An iSCSI debate….

I loved Chuck Hollis’ (EMC) blog, and equally enjoyed both Dave Hitz and Tony Asaro’s responses. With EMC, Netapp, and another ESG’er pontificating on an issue, it must be good.

Lame – The PPC and SEO Debate

In yesterday’s interview with Andy Beal, I made reference to comments in a DM News article that cited SEO as on the way out and that SEO is “simple”, positioning PPC as “better” etc.

Debate: Full Or Partial Feeds?

One topic of debate that has gained attention in the blogging community is the choice between using full or partial RSS feeds.

Hacking A Listers

Ahh, why do I fall for this stuff? Nick Carr started a whole debate about why he doesn’t get enough traffic.

Liquid VS Fixed Layout Debate in Modern Web Design

For the last 10 years the question of whether to use fixed or liquid layouts when designing a website has raged on in the web design world, with major design players on both sides of the proverbial fence.

Recently though, as screen resolutions have increased dramatically, fixed layouts have all but replaced liquid, but there are still come major advantages to a liquid layout if designed properly.


Custom Web Site Design or Website Templates – The Big Debate

A lot of custom web site designers are really critical of commercial website templates. I have seen snide comments on Forums and Blogs along the lines of ‘This site has template written all over it’.

Personal Blogging Clarified

Visiting the blog of Amazon.com’s Chief Technology Officer, Werner Vogels, to read his account of a presentation at Amazon by Naked Conversations authors Shel Israel and Robert Scoble (some very interesting commentaries about that – link at Memeorandum), I spotted the clearest employee blog disclaimer I’ve yet seen.

Active Blog Readers Invited to Political Debate

Later today European Commissioner Margot Wallstrm will arrange a chat online.

Sponsored Links Update

Well, the last month has been entertaining and educational.

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